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Synonyms for hectic

Synonyms for hectic

characterized by intense emotion and activity

being at a higher temperature than is normal or desirable

Synonyms for hectic

marked by intense agitation or emotion


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We all, as drivers, need to slow down and think of other road users even if we are living busy hectic lives.
Sometimes, vacations are as hectic or more hectic than being at home, so it's nice to get to a place where there just isn't a lot of stuff," says Boylan, one of the club's more than 160 members, many of whom are senior management.
Upper Class Virgin passengers who enter the state-of-the-art facility will find a tranquil oasis from the long lines and hectic security checkpoints, with a 45-foot-long cocktail bar, a gourmet kitchen, and hidden behind a ceiling-to-floor Japanese water wall, a full-service spa offering relaxing massages, soothing facials, tanning facilities, and a hair salon.
An excellent and practical cookbook for families in today's hectic world.
Dare to Live Without Limits: Rocket Fuel for the Mind is a self-help guide written to work with any lifestyle, no matter how on the go, or downright hectic.
We will showcase these young men one by one in a three-part series beginning this month with Hectic, a Hunter's Point resident, who lives just up the hill from Thrashers worldwide headquarters here in the Sucka Free.
But while attending college full time, she also worked full time to finance her education, and her hectic schedule took a toll on her health.
Most leaders found themselves harassed by the hectic business, which no longer allowed them to develop long-range plans.
But Curtis will definitely compete at Wentworth as he continues his hectic schedule since his shock victory at Royal St George's in July.
Faced with the daunting task of attending two monthly meetings, Hart found herself facing a hectic commute.
Hard-working 20 to 30-year-olds now believe a hectic social calendar is as important as a hefty salary, said the authors of the report.
If you're feeling burnt out after a hectic Christmas, why not try Sainsbury's new de-stressing cure -- washing up.
With the hectic holiday season over, the perfect way to pamper an Oracle(R) DBA is with a copy of DBA Management Pack for Enterprise Manager 2.
The program's one choreographic misstep was Stroller Derby, parodying the hectic maneuvers of mothers airing their infants.
CFO Shawn O'Keefe restores balance to his hectic life by taking up hammer and nails and turning starving architectural masterpieces into healthy homes.