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Synonyms for hecatomb

one or more living creatures slain and offered to a deity as part of a religious rite

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a great sacrifice

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and innocent lives are lost in Syria's mass hecatomb, in the most horrific of ways, with the bodies piling up right in front of us, on every TV screen.
Offenbach's French script is in three acts, with the conclusion set at Nauplia, with Helen agreeing to sacrifice a hecatomb for her offence, which she only agrees to when she recognizes that the priest is a disguised Paris.
The description ends with an account of how the procession of fifty Thessalian cavalry and two choruses of maidens wind their way around the tomb of Neoptolemos, after which a hecatomb of cattle, sheep and goats is sacrificed, a libation is offered to the hero by Charikles, and the sacrificial fire is lit by Theagenes with the torch presented to him by Charikleia, the acolyte of Artemis (3.
Hecatomb Syrax (Mouers Contemporaines)" (38) We shall come to Bertrand de Born in due course, (39) and I should agree with Eliot about the fact that the poem is better, and indeed the earlier poems in general are better, than the poems that deal with contemporary life under the aesthetic of Imagism.
In contrast to this overdrawn image, the actual extent of judicial reaction before the amnesty strongly suggests that the firm application of criminal justice would not have produced another hecatomb.
In Peru and Ecuador and from Bolivia to Nicaragua--where the entire eastern region has been declared an independent state by the indigenous--there is potential for a "geostrategic hecatomb.
With the battlefield news uniformly grim, with the battle of the Somme swallowing up men by the hecatomb, and with 100,000 tons of shipping lost every month to German U-boats, radical measures were clearly called for.
Heberto Padilla, however famous he became, and for however brief a time, was only one among this hecatomb.
When you getup from the pastures, like a shepherd(ess)" (line 23) is thus strongly ironic: she pretends to be a protector of the flocks, but she causes a hecatomb among domestic animals.
An immense hecatomb, even in the areas of "cultivation" called the Vallies.
A combination of the "end of the work" with the social Darwinism of the market can be explosive, leading us to a social hecatomb of unknown proportions.
I spoke at dizzy speed of those so recent experiences of mine, of Auschwitz nearby, yet, it seemed, unknown to all, of the hecatomb from which I alone had escaped, of everything.