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8-10 and suggests that Varro must have produced a hebdomad of these, even though we are not aware of any canonical group among them.
Pierre Hadot, "Dieu comme acte d'etre dans le neoplatonisme," in Dieu et L'Etre (Paris: Etudes Augustiniennes, 1978), 57-63, building upon the work of de Vogel, argues that the idea of God as infinite being and the pure act of existence from which all beings receive their existence is found in the Neoplatonic anonymous commentary on the Parmenides (which Hadot attributes to Porphyry) and was communicated to Aquinas through Boethius's Hebdomads.
He begins his main argument by laying out nine hebdomads, or self-evident "common conception[s] of the mind" (gloss, II.
The case for such an influence has been argued by Sarah Pessin, "Boethius and the Neoplatonic Good: Hebdomads and the Nature of God in the Quomodo Substantiae," Carmina Philosophiae (Journal of the International Boethius Society), forthcoming.