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Synonyms for heavily

Synonyms for heavily

Synonyms for heavily

to a considerable degree

slowly as if burdened by much weight


indulging excessively


References in classic literature ?
Worn out in body and mind, she slept from sheer exhaustion -- slept heavily and dreamless for some hours.
The creature fell heavily on the ground, and out of its side sprang a little hare, which ran like the wind along the river bank.
Bertuccio bowed respectfully, and turned away, sighing heavily.
His brow was heavily flushed, and his fingers were picking nervously at one of his buttons.
cried the Vice-Warden, hastily stepping forwards to show the way so hastily, that he ran against his unfortunate guest, who fell heavily on his face.
The spear of Agamemnon caught him on the broad of his back, just as he was turning in flight; it struck him between the shoulders and went right through his chest, and his armour rang rattling round him as he fell heavily to the ground.
By the assistance of some rudely constructed machinery, the heavily laden basket was now carefully lowered down among the multitude; and, from the giddy pinnacle, the Romans were seen gathering confusedly round it; but owing to the vast height and the prevalence of a fog, no distinct view of their operations could be obtained.
Bartolomeo frowned heavily, casting a terrible look at the captain, as if he made him responsible for the misfortunes that this refusal might occasion.
Both partners stood still, breathing heavily and wiping their faces with their cambric handkerchiefs.
As Tarzan and his guide had disappeared into the shadows upon the dark wharf the figure of a heavily veiled woman had hurried down the narrow alley to the entrance of the drinking-place the two men had just quitted.
Vasili Andreevich stopped the perspiring horse, whose deep sides were heaving heavily.
He dropped back heavily into his chair by the fire.
The thunderstorm passed away; but the rain continued to fall heavily.
But when war broke out, a heavily armed soldier mounted the Horse, and riding him to the charge, rushed into the very midst of the enemy.
One man, trying in his terror to escape the awful sight, stumbled against the coffin so heavily as to knock away one of its frail supports.