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a chronic emphysema of the horse that causes difficult expiration and heaving of the flanks


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Kim - his face is drawn and tired - pays very small silver from his belt', heaves out the food-bag, crams an oilskin packet - they are holy writings - into his bosom, and helps the lama to his feet.
My stomach is heavy in me, and yet it heaves up and down like an oriole's nest at the end of a branch.
Got so touchy that he assaults anyone who asks questions, and heaves reporters doun the stairs.
And some-how I fancy the shy, round eyes do not altogether approve of me, and he heaves a little sigh, as though he were disappointed.
Snagsby and his conductors are stationary, the crowd flows round, and from its squalid depths obsequious advice heaves up to Mr.
Suddenly the attacking lines began to grow thinner, and then with a slow, long heave the Greys passed over them, just as a great wave heaves up its bulk and passes over a sunken ridge.
You stand in the centre of the deck, and, as the ship heaves and pitches, you move your body about, so as to keep it always straight.