heavenly body

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Today, the North American B-25J, fashioned after the Heavenly Body of the 13th Air Force, 42nd Bomb Group, is among the finest flying examples in the world.
Hyakutake was the name given to which type of heavenly body in 1996?
GALACTICA Galactica, my girl from outer space She landed from a starship To stay on earth for just awhile I could see that she was different When I saw her silver smile She said that she was from Minerva Just a few light years away But I knew from our vibrations That my love for her would stay Galactica, my girl from outer space Her lips were red, her hair was gold Her eyes were planet green She had the cutest heavenly body That I had ever seen There was just one thing I couldn't understand She had a cute robotic walk And her eyes used to flash into place Like a one armed bandit every time she talked.
But bystanders did not seem to need persuading that Adriana's heavenly body showed the work off to perfection.
Heavenly body Eva Mendes gave up on bad habits as a child
It was the first time human beings had attempted to land on another heavenly body.
TED BAKER'S new Heavenly Body wear range will make you feel dressed before you've even put a stitch on
But there's more to Caprice, 29, than her heavenly body.
Spaced 85 meters apart, Keck I and Keck II can make simultaneous observations of the same heavenly body.
Our growing knowledge of the lunar surface may have gradually transformed an unattainable, heavenly body into a forlorn satellite covered with volcanic craters, valleys, and rills, but the moon never quite lost its aura of mystery.
0 (white dwarf linux), which is named for a White Dwarf Star, a small but extremely dense heavenly body.
Into which heavenly body did Nasa crash a Tara Reid - see Question 7 probe in October 2009?
HEAVENLY BODY Kelly wowed onlookers in her bikini PLAYFUL Danny keeps abreast of the game with Kelly
And for the price of pounds 25, the man or woman in your life will receive a small blue box containing a chart showing the precise co-ordinates of their star, a certificate proclaiming that this particular heavenly body has been registered in their name - and a small personal message.
Barefoot Doctor Damn Sexy Products: This is a fantastic fun range of products, including Damn Sexy Pillow Spray, Scent For Secret Places and Heavenly Body Lotion, perfect to seduce your lover with.