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a large medieval helmet supported on the shoulders

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In the semi-finals, Greenhalgh (who lives in Newsome) was up against Marsh 1400 winner Jack Dyson but went through 21-19 to book his place against Heaume.
Heaume slotted in the fourth after a low byline cross from Glyn Dyer before MOn began to make their mark.
GUERNSEY: Tardif; Isabelle, Dodd, Cochrane, Le Prevost, Mahon, Rihoy, Bradford (Loring), Heaume, Allen, Dyer.
TATT'S THE WAY: Worcester Buster Sue Handy shows off her tattoo and, right, the entire squad: Back row (left to right): Rudy Heaume, Christine Cottam, Helen Cleaver, Charlotte Heaume, Nicola Black, Martin Cleaver.
Spreckley Partners Ltd - GCPR UK, Richard Merrin / Georgina Heaume, +44-20-7388-9988, heaume@spreckley.
It means a new names on the trophy (played for a 63rd time) and Heaume became the first Liberal League player to win this event and the John Carstairs Memorial Mixed pairs - which he won with Amanda Donaldson - in the same year.
69664443 |Lapping up the lemonade at the Teddy Bears' Picnic, a popular annual event organised by the National Children's Centre at Ravensknowle Park, were (from left) Mrs Lynne Heaume, Leanne Heaume, Katie Heaume, |Faye Burkinshaw, Simon Burkinshaw and Elaine Burkinshaw and their teddy bears.
AMANDA Donaldson and Andrew Heaume from Almondbury Lib took home PS160 as winners of the Liberal League John Carstairs Memorial Mixed Pairs.
Moldgreen: J Reynolds & M Howarth (4) Milnsbridge Lib, A Heaume & J Martin (3) Canalside, D Kilburn & H Lumb (3) Kirkheaton Con, D Shaw & C Beaumont (4) Broad Oak, M Peacock & J Baxter (5) Milnsbridge BC, R Spencer & A Bamforth (4) Linthwaite Hall, J & P Blackburn (3) Spen Victoria, B Tinker & Partner (3) Longwood, P Rangeley & G Brook (3) Netherton, M Gilroy & G Kaye (5) Milnsbridge Lib, N Jenkinson & J Wilson (4) Linthwaite C&B, A & D Crawley (3) Cowcliffe, D Piercey & C Valentine (5) Longwood, R Eaton & Kieron Spencer-Halsall (4) Bradley & Colne.
First round - D and T Balderson (Linthwaite CBC) v N Jenkinson and J Kendal (Linthwaite CBC), G Haigh and S Richardson (Almondbury Lib) v I Haigh and J Proctor (Almondbury Lib), DJ Balderson and B Johnstone (Linthwaite CBC) v A Crawley and R Picavey (Cowcliffe Lib), A Heaume and A Donaldson (Almondbury Lib) v Winner of A.
Lockwood Con: G Siswick (Crosland Moor), C Davis (Crosland Moor), A Bamforth (Linthwaite Hall), A Crawley (Cowcliffe), D Reeves (Skelmanthorpe Windmill), L Fallas (Crosland Moor), J Greenhalgh (Crosland Moor), T Brook (Crosland Moor), B Walsh (Hemplow), A Heaume (Canalside), A Daykin (Netherton), R Mallinson (Crosland Moor), W Dews (Netherton), M Fletcher (Waterloo), A Wadsworth (Canslside).
Quarter-finals: Jane Buchan & Dill Harvey 5 Katy Atkinson & Rachael Byram 21, Yvonne Heaume & Pam Haynes 21 Pat Taylor & Jane Hollingworth 11, Marie Beaumont & Rachael Harper 12 Bridie Buckley & Susie Ladbrooke 21, Tracey Singleton & Diane Firth 21 Lyn Carter & Anne Moseley 12.
At Barrow Island: James Martin (Canalside Spts) v S Turnbull (Roose Con), Michael Martin (Canalside Spts) v Burns (Police), Mark Wood (Lockwood Con) v J Duffin (Roose Cons), Adam Douglas (Canalside Spts) v T Harris (Roose Cons), Mick Higgins (Lockwood Con) v P Harris (King Alfred), Richard Boltwood (Canalside Spts) v D Bell (Glaxo SC), Tony Beedon (Canalside Spts) v D Monks (Ulverston Con), Michael Sweeney (Canalside Spts) v D Shaw (Hawcoat Park), Josh Brown (Canalside Spts) v P Lewis (Roose Cons), Andrew Heaume (Canalside Spts) v P Clark (Ulverston Cons), Joel Abdy (Longwood BC) v D Rodgers (Salthouse), Ian Briggs (Longwood BC) v R Allen (Roose Cons).
Quarter-finals: Tandy/Squires/Tinker (Longwood) 21 Beeby/Hollingworth, Heaume (Canalside) 16, Curran/Brown/Shaw (Farnley Tyas) 18 Fallas/Fowler/Atkinson (Crosland Moor) 21, S/L/PMorgan (Farnsley Tyas) 15 Jones/Tattersley/ Butts (Kirkheaton Con) 21, Cairns/Wadsworth/ Briggs (Canalside) 21 Gilbert/Hodgson/Clegg (Shepley) 16.
Final: Crosland Moor A 56 Kirkheaton Con A 46 | The draws for the 2014 Tri-|ples, draw to be done at the green on the night of qualifying with homesters play off -2, are: Monday: Bousefield, Smith, Senior (Lindley Lib); Sweeney, Martin, King (Canalside); Clayton, Appleyard, Whitehead (Lower Hopton); Dyson, Dyson, Heavans (Longwood); Gilbert, Hodgaon, Roper (Shepley) Thursday (Sept 25): S Morgan, L Morgan, P Morgan (Farnley Tyas); Beeby, Heaume, Hollingworth (Canalside); Abdy, Fox, Spencer (Rastrick); Eaton, Spencer-Halsall, Boltwood (Canalside).