heating oil

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a petroleum product used for fuel


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ClickableOil is committed to providing low-cost and efficient heating oil services, as it continues to grow along the East Coast through marketing efforts, promotions and acquisitions.
president of Clickable Enterprises, said, "Our continued monthly increase in revenue demonstrates the value of our business model and reflects the consumer's need to switch to lower-cost providers of home heating oil.
The system will allow Heating Oil Partners to seamlessly upgrade its legacy networking technologies, such as ATM and Frame Relay, inherently creating added network redundancy and security.
Eighty-six percent of New York City's heating oil soot pollution comes from only one percent-or nearly 10,000-of the city's buildings that burn #4 and #6 heating oils, according to the EDF's Bottom of the Barrel report.
SEATTLE -- For Washingtonians who use home heating oil, the struggling economy has delivered at least one bright spot: heating bills are dropping along with the temperatures.
NYOHA), a group of local heating oil dealers gathered at their annual holiday membership meeting recently to announce they have donated 10,000 gallons of home heating oil to the Salvation Army for needy families living in the five boroughs this winter.
A number of forces, primarily in urban areas, reported zero incidents of fuel and heating oil theft during 2010, whilst in a total of eight police areas, the number of thefts actually fell.
One in five Pennsylvania homes uses heating oil to stay warm in the winter.
Contract notice: Call for applications - csc tech1681 - diesel supply traction and heating oil.
com)-- The launch of a new heating oil website owned by GB Oils, a subsidiary of Irish conglomerate DCC plc, looks set to provide domestic heating oil users with even more choice when topping up their tanks this winter.
Summary: Parliament's Public Works, Transport, Energy and Water Committee is set to convene Wednesday to pass a measure to subsidize heating oil.
The profit from turning crude into heating oil and diesel in the US had jumped to almost double that for gasoline as American exports to Europe and South America had risen.
On July 10, 2000, President Clinton directed the Department of Energy to establish the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve.
As in the transportation sector, biodiesel can be introduced into the heating oil pool with few or no modifications to the furnace or boiler and can even help keep it clean.