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common low European shrub with purple-red flowers

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Heather Bell, EIM's vice president and co-owner, stresses the importance of EIM's relationship to the Keene, New Hampshire area.
Set in the late 1990s, Heather Bell Adams's Marantha Road takes a seemingly standard setup of Southern poverty literature and burnishes it into a memorable, quietly compelling page-turner.
Born to act: Robert Alden as a baby with Heather Bell and Trevor Harrison playing Eddy Grundy in the Archers.
Clarrie has always been a fun part to play, and even though as people we are totally different, I perhaps feel closer to her now that I am a grandmother myself, so I'm looking forward to meeting my radio grandchildren, my sons of course, and I can't wait to work with those two talented daughtersin-law" Actress Heather Bell
Heather Bell declined to comment when reached by telephone last night.
When John and Heather Bell wed in St Leonard's Church, Loftus, as the Gazette reported half a century ago, a collosal amount of snow had fallen in the area in a single night - leaving travel chaos and four foot drifts in its wake.
EAGLE-EYED Heather Bell notched TWO holes in one then revealedhow she's not looked back since having laser eye surgery.
The move is the result of an investigation launched in the wake of the death of novice rider Heather Bell, who was killed when her horse was spooked by a low-flying Chinook helicopter in Lincolnshire in June 2003.
Studley riders Heather Bell and Bonnie Fishburn collected second placings at Intro level on Legally Binding,
Heather Bell, 38, was killed after she was thrown from her horse when a Chinook helicopter roared just 50ft overhead.
Mother-of-two Heather Bell died from head injuries when she was thrown from her horse while riding in Lincolnshire.
2 (December 31,1941): 121; Heather Bell, Frontier of Medicine in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 1899-1940 (Oxford, 1999), 163-97.
You know Heather Bell, she lives around the corner from everybody, Heather's problem is not staying around the corner .
In 2007, their son, Alex Henkel, and his wife, Heather Bell, purchased the Keene company.
Archers star: Heather Bell, who plays Clarrie Grundy.