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any of various religions other than Christianity or Judaism or Islamism

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Such terms include animism, savagery, paganism, magic, fetishism, idolatry, juju, primitive, heathenism and ancestral worship.
Stauffer lamented, "Body, soul, and mind seem ruined by the ravages of heathenism over the years.
When at last I was entirely able to read their own books, and became aware that the very philosophical disciplines as are discussed by scholars in Europe are quite methodically taught among them, and also that they have a proper written law from which all theological matters must be derived and demonstrated; all this astonished me greatly, and I developed a very strong desire to be thoroughly instructed in their heathenism from their own writings, (pp.
A key term in this book is "hereditary heathenism," the idea "that Indians and Africans could never become Christian" because religious identity was as inheritable as any physical characteristic.
This is the worst anachronistic heresy forthcoming from a Christian clergy, who contributed in the conversation to Christianity, condemning the religions of the natives as heathenism.
You live by it, you die by it, and we can teach that and be appeasing their heathenism through Christ.
It is Heathenism in religion and tyranny in government.
The Friends of the Indian, for example, a white reform group that met at Lake Mohonk, declared they could save Indians from heathenism and change them from savages to industrious American citizens (Maddox 11-12).
In fact, even as chaos was destroying imperial political structures, the faith was spreading beyond the Empire to the Irish, who would soon help bring it back to any European lands that had returned temporarily to heathenism.
Those slaves have worked and suffered side by side, shared each other's sorrows, fears, and anxieties through centuries of heathenism and bondage; and now shall abolitionists consent that another race of men shall find their liberties over this fresh holocaust of womanhood?
A strong theme of this volume was the notion that missionary educators like herself had sought to spread the light of Christianity and modernity to Indian womanhood, drawing here upon 'a standard missionary metaphor that depicted Christian civilization as a lamp illuminating the darkness of heathenism.
But in the end, Emperors had to admit the new religion after a long dispute between this new religion and heathenism.
On the one hand, Donne's ascending scale from heathenism to Church of England demeans Judaism and Roman Catholicism.
He finishes her sentences delimiting the Baiana's potential to have a genuine heart, by asserting qualities of seducao, canjere, ilusao, and candomble (seduction, magic, illusion, and Candomble) and implications of heathenism (Hoge 1983; Bakhtin 1981, 369).