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Synonyms for heathenish

not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

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All of which sounded to Arlin's third wicked stepmother like unto heathenish polytheism but which the Mermaid Princess assured her was Catholicism, the One True Faith.
The moral revolution which Prophet PBUH brought, still stressed Muslims to get themselves free from the blind slavery, heathenish traditions and prosaic customs of the west".
Scholars have focused most on Eastlake's scathing comments on Jane Eyre as a book written by an author who "combines a total ignorance of the habits of society, a great coarseness of taste, and a heathenish doctrine of religion" (94).
Although he initially shrinks in fear from this tattooed stranger whom he assumes to be a heathenish savage (and possibly a cannibal), Ishmael grows to love and respect Queequeg.
The religious "shout," a remnant of the former slaves' West African roots, was "a savage, heathenish dance," consisting of "clapping and gesticulating" with an occasional bending of the knees "in a kind of ecstasy.
Despite this intuition was related somehow to the formal heathenish religion of the empire, at first it was neglected condoned.
Yet they were careful, Fox-Genovese notes, to distinguish their Christian understanding of its obligations from the heathenish savagery of the ancient world.
Examples are folcisc popular, haedenisc heathenish, peodisc national, inlendisc inlandish, utlendisc outlandish (which come close to the gentile group in 1); also mennisc human, cildisc childish, cierlisc churlish.
To its fiercest (and often its oldest) detractors in the US and Europe, rock 'n' roll represented a heathenish Communistic conspiracy.
They out-numbered the protesters and the heathenish crowd many times over.
Some of the highlights achieve a remarkable immediacy, such as the terse but moving account from the 1566 Stallingborough Inventory of Heathenish Church Goods: "the crose was meltid the said fyrst yeare and turnd to thuse yat the candestickes wear.
At this point, both the black boy and the Indian baby have essentially become parentless, cast out on the grounds of heathenish superstitions.
It is owing to this that they are not in general at this day left in heathenish darkness.
Then tell me; art thou not an arrant, all-grasping, intermeddling, monopolising, heathenish old scamp, to be one day making legs, and the next day coffins to clap them in, and yet again life-buoys out of those same coffins?