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capable of becoming hot

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Cranberry Heatable Hug slippers, pounds 16, from The Body Shop.
Keep those tootsies warm this winter with beautifully soft Cranberry Heatable Feet Hugs, pounds 16 from The Body Shop.
A unique speciality of this stunning residence is the exclusive spa with a heatable outdoor swimming pool with glass covering and surrounding wooden terrace, a hot tub for up to seven person and a sauna area with shower.
The Dar-Fresh pack is already available in the meat aisles of Morrisons stores, where it is used for heatable snacks containing chicken and fish.
In contrast with granite, however, limestone is not easily heatable and when overheated, it disintegrates into lime.
29) In this instance, the reflection-absorption spectra were recorded using a rapid scan FTIR spectrometer from a resin sample on an Al substrate contained within a heatable reflection-absorption cell.
Chinese takeout is especially handy when the plastic is sturdy and the packages are heatable in the microwave.
Set above the old village of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote, Villa Marquesa is a five star Meon property with a heatable private pool.
These are aromatic fabric pillows filled with heatable rice that can be flexibly placed around the neck and shoulders.
The sensors are silicon-based microelectromechanical (MEMS) devices consisting of suspended 100 [micro]m x 100 [micro]m heatable platforms that have metal oxide sensing films deposited on their surfaces.
Heatable disc plates and paddles alternate in sequence.
Blow molding -- Strong heatable nickel blow molds for forming parts with a Class A surface can be produced by attaching copper heating/cooling lines on the back of the nickel shell.