heat-seeking missile

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a missile with a guidance system that directs it toward targets emitting infrared radiation (as the emissions of a jet engine)

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The drug then locks on to its target - and only its target - like a heat-seeking missile.
The idea of testing a heat-seeking missile by putting those things on there, without thinking that maybe there was something wrong with the missile .
Although there are many good things about her, Heather Mills has all the sweetness of a heat-seeking missile.
He is transformed from a player whose early displays were hallmarked by lateral runs rather than locking on to the try line like a heat-seeking missile as he does now.
A terrorist group called Jeish Al-yarmouk (Army of Yarmouk) claimed on Friday that it had shot down a Syrian Air Force fighter jet with a heat-seeking missile in Omm Walad township in the eastern side of Daraa province.
ISIL claimed yesterday it shut down the Jordanian F-16 with a heat-seeking missile and captured the pilot.
nz, officials believe that the launcher that fired the SA-11 heat-seeking missile used a rudimentary radar system that gives an incomplete picture of what is flying above.
The group has claimed responsibility for bombing Cairo police headquarters in January and downing a military helicopter in the Sinai with a heat-seeking missile.
It has claimed responsibility for bombings of police headquarters in Cairo and elsewhere, and for the downing of a military helicopter in the Sinai using a heat-seeking missile.
The match would be like one of those weddings where you turn up, wonder where all the guests are, then ponder why they're all stood ten deep in the corner, before realising what's going on and rapidly honing in on the bar like a heat-seeking missile.
Speculation that the plane was hit by an optic-guided or heat-seeking missile, rather than a radar-guided one, has also surfaced during the course of the controversy.
A heat-seeking missile proposed in continental Europe, aimed at the city of London" - Former PM Sir John Major on the suggested EU banking transaction tax.
A heat-seeking missile proposed in continental Europe, aimed at the city of London" Former Prime Minister Sir John Major on the suggested EU banking transaction tax "I am not writing an instruction book on how to have sex.
The market is in a bit of heat-seeking missile mode looking for vulnerabilities around the world, and Europe is obviously in its sights at this point in time," said Grant Turley, senior strategist at ANZ in Sydney.
On a spin along Eaglesham Moor, the little Mito darted alongside the wind turbines like a heat-seeking missile.