heat wave

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a wave of unusually hot weather

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The workshop is aimed at sensitising States to the need of preparing and implementing their Heat Wave Action Plans in line with NDMAs Guidelines for Preparation of Action Plan Prevention and Management of Heat-Wave, first prepared in 2016, updated in 2017 and shared with all heat wave-prone States and stakeholders for implementation.
As well as the frequency, the intensity of these heat wave days were predicted to increase.
In contrast with previous research, (4) however, the researchers found that the number of days that a heat wave persisted did not modify the heat wave-related mortality risk.
An unintended "victim" of the heat wave were mailboxes.
The brief heat wave later this week won't compare to this past week's, when record highs for the day were set on Friday (104 degrees) and Saturday (100 degrees).
Due to a low humidity level, the heat effect increased", adding that the current heat wave will continue coming days, an official of the Met office said.
By hindcasting each year in their dataset, the researchers found that at 50 days out, they could predict an increase in the odds (from about 1 in 6 to about 1 in 4) that a heat wave would occur somewhere in the eastern United States during a given week.
During similar circumstances last year, Mobilink played its part in assisting heat wave affectees by distributing a total of 10,000 bottles of mineral water, 6000 boxes of juice, 4000 ice packs, 4000 hand sized towels and 40 cooling water fans amongst heat stroke patients, their families and administration staff at several hospitals of Karachi and Hyderabad.
Commissioner's report said KE was clearly instructed to minimise load shedding during heat wave to vital installations like Water and Sewerage Board and hospitals.
NO RELIEF from harsh weather is likely in the next few days with IMD on Saturday saying that severe heat wave conditions will prevail in north and central parts of the country.
Thousands of people with heat wave syndromes have been admitted in the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (ICDDR) and other major health facilities in
Dr Rasul said they would ensure early warning system to facilitate public during a heat wave situation so that the death rate could be minimised as compared to deaths reported last year.
Madam, the recent heat wave in Karachi, the biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan, claimed more than one thousand lives in no more than a few days.
The intense heat wave that has engulfed Israel over the past few weeks refused to relent on Sunday, as 44 degrees Celsius (111 degrees F) were noted in Sde Eliyahu, a religious kibbutz in northern Israel, while Be'er Sheva in the south reached 42 degrees (107.
Summary: The ongoing heat wave has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of chickens, hindered this season's fruit harvest, and pushed livestock farms to try to control temperatures to prevent mortality.