heat sink

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a metal conductor specially designed to conduct (and radiate) heat

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The blue shading indicates the extent of the cool air that emanates from the heat sink northeast (to the upper right) of the heat source and updraft.
This is achieved by using heat sinks and heat pipes of different materials and various shapes that conduct heat away from the components.
The test results for the heat sink and low-speed fan are indistinguishable from those using the bigger fan without a heat sink, leading Jim to conclude that adding a heat sink means you can potentially get away with a smaller fan.
Kang and Holahan [5] developed a one-dimensional thermal resistance model of impingement air cooled plate fin heat sinks to understand how the heat sink performance depends on different geometry variables.
As a result, acoustic imaging can rapidly and nondestructively evaluate the probable performance of a heat sink.
Slower rpm rates let the fiber strike and wipe against the surface combined with the flexibility of the fibers to finish irregularly-shaped objects, such as the heat sinks.
The heat sink ensures highly efficient heat dissipation as a result of the combination of good design (components and shape), duly selected aluminum material, and precision extrusion technology.
Remove the fan assembly from its mounting bracket and then remove the heat sink assembly from the fan assembly.
A: There are a lot of possible solution sets for management of heat, ranging from "active" heat sinks with coolant water or heat pipes to remove heat to PWB basics such as thermal vias and conventional heat sink technology.
Through a proprietary system of in-die component insertion, contract metal stamper Buhrke Industries, Arlington Heights, IL, has helped Photocircuits, Glen Cove, NY, a producer of printed circuit boards and related assemblies, achieve thermal conductive and electrically isolated conditions on a 5052 aluminum heat sink assembly for a Daimler-Chrysler powertrain control module cover.
This is further enhanced by heat sink cooling that limits the temperature increase of the surrounding glass to 25[degrees]F--even though the gas flame is operating at approximately 5,600[degrees]F.
Aavid designed the original 40x40 mm OptiPin heat sink to cool Intel's i960(R) RP/RD embedded processors.
Heat sink backed PTFE ciruit boards with holes plated through the entire package are in common use.
The heat sink design originated in a collaborative project between Covestro, Karelia University of Applied Sciences (UAS) and the Finnish injection molding specialist Vesuto Oy.