heat rash

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obstruction of the sweat ducts during high heat and humidity

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Keeping cool in the summer sun can also help in another area that is of special concern to those with SCI, and that's heat rash.
With regard to occupational health, Dubal achieved zero lost work days due to heat stress for the seventh year in a row and none due to heat rash for the sixth consecutive year," said the statement.
DUBAI Aluminium, the state-owned enterprise that owns and operates the world's largest primary aluminium smelter using pre-bake anode technology, says its annual summer programme to reduce the number of lost working days due to heat rash and heat stress has proved successful.
A person who suffers from heat stress is likely to have symptoms such as a heat rash, body aches, headaches, weakness, drowsiness and decrease in alertness," said Dr Alam.
If you suffer from prickly heat rash, try taking a daily 200mg supplement of grapeseed extract to provide relief.
Heat rash (prickly heat), which occurs when the sweat ducts to the skin become blocked or swell, and cause discomfort and itching.
Meanwhile, Dr Cherian said the hospital has so far treated mild cases: heat edema, heat rash and heat exhaustion.
A heat rash usually goes away on its own after a person moves to a cooler environment and exposes the affected area to more air, he explains.
Stay away from tight clothing and occlusive fabrics that can cause friction, irritation, and heat rash.
Aluminium giant's Beat the Heat campaign has delivered excellent results since 2005 Demonstrating the extent to which Dubai Aluminium Company Limited ("DUBAL") cares for the health and well-being of its employees, the company has actively pursued a quest to reduce the number of lost working days due to heat rash and heat stress cases within its workforce since the start of the new millennium.
While most people know it as heat rash, it's medical name is miliaria and it's often referred to as prickly heat.
HEAT RASH An itchy rash which includes small blisters, it's thought to be caused when the sweat glands become blocked.
I took her to Queen's where the doctor said it was probably a heat rash and not to worry.
Call it a heat rash, an allergic reaction to her foundation or some sort of lactose intolerance to the vanilla hand-scooped ice cream malts, but this woman had a face bumpier than the Braille version of A Brief History Of Time.
One is heat rash, often called "prickly heat," which may occur in humid environments where sweat is not easily removed from the skin.