heat of condensation

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heat liberated by a unit mass of gas at its boiling point as it condenses into a liquid

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An example of a device, usefully using the heat of condensation of water vapors contained in fuel combustion products is a condensing hot water boiler with separate production of water for heating and hot water supply [9, 10].
In a normal refrigeration cycle, the gas from the compressor outlet is condensed in the condenser, by removing latent heat of condensation.
Latent heat of condensation begins to rapidly drive energy to the product core.
Net energy recovery is achieved from the latent heat of condensation.
In the more-popular thermal process of multiple effect distillation (MED), seawater is heated in several evaporator-condensers installed in series; this allows the latent heat of condensation to be reused.
The heat of addition was measured as an increase of temperature in an isolated reaction vessel, while the heat of condensation was measured by a differential scanning calorimeter.
This new system utilizes the heat of condensation generated from a vacuum cooling system to preheat the process air inside of the baking mechanism.