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electric heater consisting of a high-power incandescent lamp that emits infrared radiation

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Along with a photo of Leonardo, she added: "He seems to change colour but not sure if maybe the heat lamp caused it.
BEAK PHYSIQUE 3 Orpahned ducklings under heat lamp in Co Cork
While the cause remains under investigation, officials said it appears that a heat lamp may have been to blame.
Judge Philip Richards imposed a 12-month community order and a 16-week curfew order, from 8pm to 8am, and ordered the forfeiture of the drugs and heat lamp.
You couldn't set a person under a heat lamp for eight hours, I'm pretty sure," laughed Maria.
Do you sleep under a heat lamp or on top of a heated rock?
One might consider focusing a heat lamp just in front of the shower, but not so close that the caregiver, if there is one, gets overheated.
A heat lamp may be used to facilitate water removal.
AUSTIN, Texas -- New consumer products company, Bon Home([TM]), recently announced the second product in its line of innovative kitchen solutions, the Culinary Heat Lamp, the first heat lamp designed for everyday use in the home.
VENETA - A Veneta family had a close call Wednesday morning when a heat lamp used for keeping young chickens warm in a cage in their garage fell into some pine shavings used for bedding and set them on fire, Lane County fire officials said.
Our piglets have to go under a heat lamp because their stalls are too big for the sow's heat to keep them warm.
White stuff: Arctic fox Juliet should feel at home I've got the hump: This camel doesn't look too keen on snow Heat seeker: A chilly meerkat warms up under a heat lamp Snow Snow go: It's so cold even this snow leopard won't go out
When the brooder is finished, you will have a heat lamp at one end and the food and water at the other.
Now Professor Stephen Morris of Toronto University and graduate student Lucas Goehring have replicated its formation using water and corn flour and a heat lamp.
A heat lamp set light to the bedding in one of our whelping kennels, a roof caught fire and spread along the roofing felt causing tremendous heat and smoke.