heat dissipation

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dissipation of heat

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The study, which is available now from IPC, covers such issues as clock speed, heat dissipation, operation cycles, product life expectancy, environmental operating range, lamination cycles, board thickness, layer counts, line width and spacing, via diameters, aspect ratios, use of embedded technologies, surface-mount land dimensions, I/O pitch, test density, recyclable content, component size, and numbers of leads, solder joints and components per board area.
The conventional mainstream method for ensuring heat dissipation has been through-hole construction, whereby many through-holes are drilled in the printed circuit board and their surfaces are copper-plated to dissipate heat.
Here, a special cooling technology makes heat dissipation efficient and renders air conditioning unnecessary.
Component supplier Chang Bo Enterprise Co Ltd has introduced a new laptop case featuring a heat dissipation device, the Taiwan-based company announced on Saturday.
In order to achieve such high efficiency, the company has solved the heat dissipation problem of conventional LED lamps, allowing for sharply increased luminance.
Nowadays, different types of coating materials may be employed in the same mold to yield special performance properties such as thermal conductivity or heat dissipation.
It offers advanced storage capabilities, low power consumption, and Lower heat dissipation.
The shell now features redesigned snubbers as well as Venturi ports and extended ear holes which improve ventilation by allowing air circulation and heat dissipation.
provides a 10-to-1 reduction in reflection and a 15% improvement in light pass-through efficiency, resulting in low power consumption and efficient heat dissipation.
Syon brand thermally conductive potting/encapsulating compounds are said to be ideal for sealing electrical components or wiring in applications where heat dissipation is required.
Devcon claims that the adhesives/potting compounds offer exceptional thermal conductivity and can be used to seal electrical components or wiring where heat dissipation is required.
Designed for ANSI rotating equipment, Ansitec cartridge bellows seals have high-radial clearance to provide efficient heat dissipation and product circulation for long seal life.
The collaboration with NIST researchers was established to determine the transient temperature changes associated with laser-hair heating and to monitor heat dissipation processes of hair shafts and live follicle samples of varying colors and textures.
Without good conductivity and heat dissipation, the cylinder's temperature rises, imposing higher temperature-related stresses and wear on the engine's internal components.
a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, today introduced its latest heat dissipation packaging technology solution for display driver ICs (DDIs) in high-end TV applications.