heat barrier

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a limit to high speed flight imposed by aerodynamic heating

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They had to penetrate the heat barrier to get to the blaze.
The patented paper cup process provides a heat barrier without altering the beverage flavor.
1 APPLY heat barrier lotion, then, starting at the front of the head by the hairline, take fine sections of hair and wrap around the tongs.
The needles (up to 9 inches on mature longleaf), form a protective heat barrier around the apical bud, nestled at the base of the fragile-looking seedling.
Nye Lubricants has broken the polyalphaolefin (PAO) heat barrier with its new lubricant for automotive electrical connectors, at a cost that's significantly less than silicone or fluorinated oils.
Full Length Heat Barrier Protect The Worker, While Two Piece Construction Eliminates Out Seems To Provide Better Finger Comfort Dexterity And Flexibility.
Redesigned sprue tips have a new heat barrier that reportedly yields smaller gate vestiges (0.