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Synonyms for heartsickness

feeling downcast and disheartened and hopeless

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20 ( ANI ): Scientists have claimed to have found proof that Peruvian healers practiced trepanation - a surgical process that involves removing a section of the cranial vault using a hand drill or a scraping tool - more than 1,000 years ago to treat a variety of ailments, from head injuries to heartsickness.
Some of the statue's former neighbors, however, view the end of residents on Liberty Island with a tinge of heartsickness.
In die Victoriaanse era was daar selfs 'n toenemende fokus op die hart, maar dan by wyse van afskeid, want die hart het algaande tot 'n literere cliche ontwikkel, en die vooruitgang van die mediese wetenskap het enersyds deur nuut verworwe insig in die fisiese werking en patologie van die hart hierdie orgaan grondig gederomantiseer (wat tot 'n heel nuwe en ontluisterende siening van heartsickness gelei het), en andersyds die hart uit die "sentrum" begin verplaas namate kennis van die brein en senuweestelsel gegroei het.
The speakers of Tennyson's two major poems of the 1850s are, Blair argues, "struggling to come to terms with their lack of poetic command, their inability to separate the metaphorical from the literal, and their helpless consciousness of underlying heartsickness.
But bring something for an upset stomach and heartsickness.
With masterly restraint, Trevor evokes the heartsickness of a priest whom Fitzmaurice recalls as a little boy who once waved to him from a perch on a whitewashed wall.