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Synonyms for heartrending

causing or marked by grief or anguish

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Then they dared not look; they no longer saw her; but they heard a thousand kisses and a thousand sighs, mingled with heartrending cries, and dull blows like those of a head in contact with a wall.
In the midst of all this frightful tumult and these terrific cries, two reports, fearfully distinct, followed by two shrieks more heartrending than all, froze me with terror.
He laid his head on Phellion's desk, and all his limbs were limp as if struck by lightning; while his sobs were so heartrending, so genuine, that for the first time in his life Poiret's feelings were stirred by the sufferings of another.
This novel is as compelling as it is bitter, tragic, and heartrending.
Whether you've lost someone close or not, this heartrending read will make you appreciate how important loved ones are.
The images of an elderly mother weeping at the grave of her son and the young children in their mother's arms, who will now grow up without their much loved father, are heartrending.
IHAVE just witnessed a heartrending sight outside my local Asda: a British housewife touting for signatures and hoping for donations (in all weathers) to enable her to bring her murdered son's body home from Spain.
Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations have run endless stories about the Midland parents' heartrending determination to never give up the hope that they will find her alive.
He will be perform his stage show, Growing Up Before Your Very Eyes, taking his audience on a hilarious and sometimes heartrending journey from chaotic boyhood to disrespectful middle age.
In this heartrending memoir, Carter, a political journalist in New York, faces some of the emotions he had once put behind him to deliver a story about his determination to have successful career, and above all, finding the grace and strength to forgive.
It came two months after The Journal highlighted her heartrending decision to forego further cancer treatment better to enjoy her time with her family.
Quite a few years later the now not-so-young editor observed with interest the fights, excruciating analyses, and heartrending decisions that went into creating something called Medicare Part D.
This heartrending look at racism and the Revolution--often Gothic in tone, as the author comments in a note at the end that explains the facts on which he bases his fiction--is an unusual and compelling read.
And while the stories of these students--one transgender girl, two lesbians, and a gay teen--are heartrending and inspiring, the endless shots of them on the subway walking down the street, etc.
Each chapter begins with conversations between the downtrodden victims of the HIV epidemic in Asia, persons whose clothing, gestures, and thoughts Hunter describes in heartrending detail, although they are not, in fact, real persons.