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an absence of concern for the welfare of others

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Stagnation, collapse, heartlessness -- whether on an individual level or a national one -- are the true subjects of Zvyagintsev's film.
Ours does, and for no reason beyond the perverse pleasure that comes from heartlessness.
The 2011 Pinkerton, Noah Stewart, both gained sympathy and explained his heartlessness by the youthful impetuosity of his conduct.
Witnessing the heartlessness at the core of her party, she's got as much chance of achieving that as she has of convincing her members that they'll never inhabit a Land of Hope and Glory so long as we have underpaid nurses working in battlefield conditions who rely on food banks to eat.
President Trumps continued heartlessness toward DREAMers and his political brinkmanship with their future is a stain on our country and on the office of the president.
What worries us is the resounding silence of the Anastasiades-Disy government, which is unfortunately displaying heartlessness in this matter too," Damianou said.
This (event) offers a well-timed opportunity for all of us to gather together and manifest our unity to protect God's creation from acts of apathy, heartlessness and greed that contribute to climate change and harm human life and dignity,' Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle said in a statement.
THERE is political Tory heartlessness, which we have become accustomed to, and then there is sheer, bureaucratic, belligerent Tory brutality.
The Foreign office said the heartlessness of this brutality was evident from the fact that a celebration was turned into mourning.
However, such heartlessness is not uncommon - it is estimated that up to 15 per cent of people with dementia have been victims of some form of financial abuse.
Anyway, most factual information we proudly take into custody today are but the worst examples of heartlessness against ourselves.
The best way to answer the heartlessness I'd seen online would be to make a donation - to provide some material support to the refugees and make their lives a bit easier.
Heartlessness leads to homelessness, the death of their grandmother and, eventually, a home in the workhouse.
You'll want to know how each character is connected to Eva's demise, then you'll be keen for them to face the consequences of their heartlessness.
Meanwhile, The Guardian newspaper reports that Cameron faced accusations of heartlessness after he insisted Britain should not take any further refugees from the war-torn Middle East, as community groups prepared to show that councils in the UK are willing to take thousands more.