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a rug spread out in front of a fireplace

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He comes to anchor on the hearthrug, with the air of a man in an unassailable position].
HIGGINS [routed from the hearthrug and drifting back to the piano] I may do these things sometimes in absence of mind; but surely I don't do them habitually.
If I had been in HIS place--I would have laid you dead on the hearthrug.
So modest was Mr Merdle withal, in the midst of these splendid achievements, that he looked far more like a man in possession of his house under a distraint, than a commercial Colossus bestriding his own hearthrug, while the little ships were sailing into dinner.
For sometime already Mr Verloc's immobility by the side of the arm- chair resembled a state of collapsed coma - a sort of passive insensibility interrupted by slight convulsive starts, such as may be observed in the domestic dog having a nightmare on the hearthrug.
One day I sat down and watched Bacchus seated on the hearthrug, with his moony eyes looking into space so thoughtfully and patiently that I apologized for comparing you to him.
And I found the fire-place thick with silt, and all th' dirt under the hearthrug.
An irritating main character, playing wi-fi tennis, who treats the hearthrug bear like a doormat.
it is amazing relief to know that any unsolved, nay [an insoluble] mystery is standing on one's very hearthrug.
On the hearthrug sit the children, playing snakes and ladders.
A strange comment you might think but one that is prompted by the cosy miniature deep pile circular hearthrug on top of the dash.
Ethelred, standing on "the hearthrug," calls the boy "Toodles," a ridiculous name that Ethelred hears "on the lips of his wife and girls every day," since Toodles is part of his family's social set (Secret 118, 124).
Munt's hearthrug with ostentatious haste, a large claim he would repudiate quietly, and fight court by court.
His perpetual whine ought to put off any right-thinking woman - but somehow, when he combines it with his favourite hearthrug, the women come flocking.
And today, as I write, daughter is in the process of moving from her gorgeous half-acre to a brand new box with a back garden not much bigger than my hearthrug.