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Synonyms for heartening

inspiring confidence or hope

Synonyms for heartening

cheerfully encouraging


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It is so heartening to see that big organisations are working together and dealing with the bigger challenges and increasing their efforts.
Heartening because we Brummies should be intensely proud that medics at the QE are helping the 15-year-old recover from the dreadful injuries she sustained when she was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen in her native Pakistan.
Although it's not the definitive guide to national performance--as not every country in the world takes part--the competition is a great opportunity to compare our training experience and skill level with those of other nations, and it is heartening to see the UK edging ever closer to the top ten.
IN all the recent worry about Northern Rock, it has been heartening that the chief executive Adam Applegarth and other senior executives have been prominent in the press, on TV and radio in trying to reassure the public about the underlying stability of the bank.
The ability of Irwin's George to get in touch with his inner assassin is as heartening as Martha's (Turner's) drunken third-act-
While the study is heartening, additional research must be done into the quality and sustainability of newly forested areas.
The general disagreeability of airports is well known to the point of cliche, so it was heartening to reflect on this attempt by Emre Arolat and his partner Gonca Cirakoglu to uplift and civilise a fundamentally dreary building type.
It is also heartening that some of the firms involved have donated money.
While one could observe disagreement on peripheral issues here and there, it was most heartening to witness the great love and admiration that all faculty members have for Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
Thus, it was heartening to see the IRS respond positively to the criticism it received about its EITC refund program.
Does this sound like the heartening progress our president sees?
It is heartening that the school board has agreed to conduct future graduation ceremonies in settings where all students and their families will feel welcome.
But the popular and legislative response to Kelo has been as heartening as the ruling was dispiriting: Citizens voiced their outrage, and at last count some 30 state legislatures have introduced or promised legislation to curb eminent domain abuse.
The Cubans lost 20,000 homes to that hurricane--but not a single person was killed, a heartening feat that went largely unmentioned in the U.
The heartening story of striped bass recovery is told as an edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller by veteran environmental writer Dick Russell, who was there.