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Synonyms for heartbeat

the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the heart

a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)

an animating or vital unifying force

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Heartbeat is just one way that we are fulfilling that commitment.
There may well be benefits to becoming more attuned to our heartbeat, but there's very little in scientific literature about whether this is even technically possible.
Over the next month people can deposit any spare change they have into the piggy banks, which will be dropped off between March 9 and 14 at Bank Audi branches, from where they will be collected and donated to Heartbeat.
After watching the outline flash on and off in sync with the heartbeat for several minutes, the subjects experienced a stronger identification with the virtual body, reporting that it felt more like their own body.
Heartbeat will give 15 performances, beginning in Vermont and ending in Washington, D.
Client Heartbeat provides a business intelligence tool that MSPs use to send automated, periodic surveys to their clientele.
55 Newmarket Sporting (50:25:10) 19-22 Pearl Ice, 11-14 Irish Heartbeat, 8-11 Mirza, 7-9 Es Que Love, 6-8 Piazza San Pietro, Swiss Franc, Shropshire, Lexi's Hero, 5-7 Swiss Cross, 4-6 El Viento, High Standing, Medicean Man, 3-5 Fratellino, 2-4 Albaqaa, Breathless Kiss, Joe Packet.
The auction, conducted by auctioneers from Christie's, featured: an Elie Saab evening dress especially designed for the Heartbeat event, a painting by American artist Aaron Young, a Ford Mustang, a limited-series Jaeger-LeCoultre duometre watch, a Fendi Peekaboo handbag, a limited-edition Balenciaga crocodile handbag, and a pair of ruby and diamond earrings by Vivianne Debbas.
Irish Heartbeat - a best-priced 11-1 with William Hill, totesport and Stan James - landed the consolation race for the Lincoln, the Spring Mile, 12 months ago.
Signal A team of experts at Aberdeen University, working with colleagues in Germany, discovered that the heartbeats of mothers and their unborn children synchronise when the mum breaths rhythmically.
The Dundee-born star will lend his talents to Highland Heartbeat, a concert which will be filmed at Glasgow's Theatre Royal next month, then broadcast in the United States.
Swansea-born William Simons, known for his role as PC Alf Ventress in hit show Heartbeat, has lived in a cottage in the village of Goathland, on the North Yorkshire Moors, for the past 14 years.
Scottish actor Joseph "Joe" McFadden is to be the new star of ITV1 series Heartbeat.
HeartBeat, which is in its 10th year, is the charity's fundraising dance, movement and exercise initiative which also aims to promote the importance of exercise.
They will arrive in their cherished Anglias which appear in TV's Heartbeat, based in the area.