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(of a leaf) shaped like a heart

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Asda is selling heart-shaped pizzas in six different flavour and you can already buy them in stores now.
GEO Slope Conservation Section chief Chen Jian-fan said that the Baishihu area is not only well known for its heart-shaped pond and the Baishihu suspension bridge, many other spots in the area are also worth visiting, including a couple of lakes and trails, the Huang family's old house, and a bamboo forest.
The kids were treated to jugs of orange and blackcurrant juice and plates of heart-shaped iced cookies and chocolate biscuits for lunch.
Press a heart-shaped cookie cutter on each slice of the bread, and trim the sides so the bread shapes into a heart.
In a post on his Facebook page, Stephen said: "Just broke a Guinness World Record for 'The most amount of people making heart-shaped hand gestures.
Staff at Abbotts Court Care Home in Durham decorated the home with heart-shaped balloons and red roses to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere for the residents, who invited their loved ones along for the celebrations.
London, February 14 ( ANI ): Pizza Hut UK has decided to give its customers heart-shaped pizzas along with specially designed napkins featuring five of the most popular chat-up lines.
Lidl are selling heart-shaped chicken nuggets this year so I could give those a go.
Krispy Kreme's traditional and beloved heart-shaped Valentines doughnuts are unique and tasty treats.
The lure of the heart-shaped box pulls hard during this time of year and maybe you're thinking of buying your sweetheart a box of buttercreams, or those sophisticated truffles .
Summary: Chimps at Whipsnade Zoo have been given special heart-shaped sacks for Valentine's Day.
Encased in a gold heart-shaped bottle, try Lipsy London's Love (from PS18, www.
The Times went with the headline "From the Heart of London 2012" over a wraparound photograph of a heart-shaped ring of flame that encircled flag-waving Paralympians inside the Olympic Stadium in east London.
GET ready for romance by adding a few heart-shaped touches to your home.
There's an abundance of romantic gifts for the gardener, from a simple heart-shaped garden ornament to wonderful hampers of luxurious, sweetlyscented organic products to wash away the toil of the day.