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a valve to control one-way flow of blood

an implant that replaces a natural cardiac valve

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Additionally, epidemiological studies have identified a striking relationship between heart valve disease and advancing age, with estimates suggesting that by the age of 75, the prevalence of heart valve disease is over 13%.
Colibri Heart Valve, LLC is a privately held medical device company committed to the research and development of novel heart valve technologies, including the Company's dry, pre-mounted, low profile, "package-to-patient" percutaneous Transcatheter Heart Valve (THV).
Artificial valves last only 10 to 20 years, creating problems not only for children who have heart operations, but also for adults who need new heart valves at age 40 and may have to face a second operation at age 50 or 60.
4 Transcatheter Heart Valve Market, Americas, Revenue, 2007 - 2020
Published in April 2011, the 208 page prosthetic heart valve research report provides a detailed explanation of the heart valve market, incorporating historical and forecast data for the period 2003-2017, split by geography.
Jude Medical Other Prominent Vendors - AorTech - Boston Scientific - Colibri Heart Valve - CryoLife - Direct Flow Medical - JenaValve - MiCardia - Mitralign - Neovasc - On-X Life Technologies - Sorin - Symentis - ValveXchange
In Europe, the heart valve repair and replacement market is driven by a rise in geriatric population, increasing the prevalence of lifestyle-associated disease, and change in lifestyles.
Heart Valve Voice said the data highlighted "a worrying trend of under diagnosis, low referrals and inadequate treatment of heart valve disease" - which predominantly affects the over 65s.
The researchers group developed plastic molds that included three flap-like leaflets that mimic the flaps of a heart valve.
Jude Medical heart valve replacement and repair products are involved in more than 40 percent of all valve procedures worldwide.
Implantation of the mechanical heart valve causes tissue damage, and circulating platelets and fibrin tend to accumulate where the valve has been attached.
NEW YORK: A US company stopped all implants of a heart valve yesterday because the silver coating intended to reduce heart infections may occasionally cause the valve to leak.
A hardened heart valve is like a rusty carburetor on a car: It call stall the machinery.
com/research/2437b8/global_heart_valve) has announced the addition of the "Global Heart Valve Market Report: 2011 Edition" report to their offering.
The symptoms of heart valve diseases vary depending on the valve affected and its severity.