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sea urchin having a heart-shaped body in a rigid spiny shell

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The final data set includes bindin from l0 genera of sea urchins, pencil urchins, sand dollars, and heart urchins, and the results indicate that the molecule was present in the common ancestor of all extant echinoids that diverged from each other over 250 million years ago.
The sand dollars (order Clypeasteroida) were represented by Encope stokesii from the Pacific coast of Panama; the heart urchins (order Spatangoida) by Moira clotho collected at the Perlas Islands in the Bay of Panama.
sea biscuits, and heart urchins, are easily recognizable as Echinoidea
Many echinoderms show avoidance behavior such as burrowing (sand dollars, heart urchins, and some starfish; Lawrence, 1987), covering themselves with a layer of shell and sand (sea urchins; Dayton et al.