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a specialist in cardiology

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Luke's Medical Center, updated the audience-mostly heart specialists from all over the country-on how patients with heart failure, either due to cancer therapy or other causes, could be managed with drugs like candesartan.
UKPRwire, Thu Oct 08 2015] A seminar was organized at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, in which information associated with the protection against heart diseases was provided by senior heart specialists.
The new Mohammad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa Heart Specialist Center to be a quantum leap in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases in Bahrain.
A LEADING heart specialist, Dr Aseem Malhotra, is on a mission to shatter the myth that saturated fat is the big demon in our diets.
A MAN described as a brilliant heart specialist lied to a court so he could get a speed conviction re-opened.
Eighty-one percent knew that their child would need lifelong care, but less than half knew that it should be guided by an adult congenital heart specialist.
A HEART specialist who is pioneering surgery in Wales to treat erectile dysfunction will answer patients' questions online about the problem.
Media reports said heart specialist Murray has been almost the sole focus of a police investigation since it was revealed he was with the singer at the time of his death.
The numerous, accurate impurities in The Heart Specialist raise new questions about what is retained or discarded, and about the writing process itself.
Heart specialist Alain Carpentier said it had taken him 15 years to perfect.
Eric Nelson, internal medicine physician and heart specialist, has joined the Marlborough Hospital staff.
A HEART specialist suspended for four years on full pay has failed to win an injunction against bosses who want the option of sacking him.
A LEADING heart specialist last night urged the people of Wales to shed their "sick man of Europe" image by taking up walking.
Dr Bernard Keavney, a heart specialist at the Freeman Hospital, who is involved in the study said: "In previous studies we could only use patients strong enough to get to hospital.