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a specialist in cardiology

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The new Mohammad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa Heart Specialist Center to be a quantum leap in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases in Bahrain.
Dr Shahid Nawaz, heart specialists was critically injured in firing by some unknown persons in PIMS day before.
The court heard he had been a leading heart specialist but had lost everything when he "began to do stupid things" because of a bipolar condition.
The numerous, accurate impurities in The Heart Specialist raise new questions about what is retained or discarded, and about the writing process itself.
Heart specialist Alain Carpentier said it had taken him 15 years to perfect.
The popular novelist's latest book Heart And Soul is set in a cardiac clinic, where senior heart specialist Clara Casey has to juggle a new job with her two turbulent twenty something daughters.
Eric Nelson, internal medicine physician and heart specialist, has joined the Marlborough Hospital staff.
Dr Alberto Zangrillo, a heart specialist, said at the hospital that Berlusconi would likely stay another day or two.
A HEART specialist suspended for four years on full pay has failed to win an injunction against bosses who want the option of sacking him.
Dr Bernard Keavney, a heart specialist at the Freeman Hospital, who is involved in the study said: "In previous studies we could only use patients strong enough to get to hospital.
While most people would consult a heart specialist if they had a heart problem, many don't know how to request an expert to interpret their biopsy.
Nobuyuki Kawata, a Japanese-American heart specialist who helped to develop a world-renowned heart transplant program, died on March 27 from lung disease at the UCLA medical center, sources close to his family said Wednesday.
Actors from Coronation Street and Emmerdale demanded the reinstatement of heart specialist Duncan Walker.
The author, a heart specialist, presents an authoritative and balanced explanation of the heart, its diseases, and currently available medical technologies in clear language accessible to lay readers.