heart rate

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the rate at which the heart beats

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Athletes that purchase either the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate or UA Sport Wireless headphones will receive a complimentary 12-month MapMyRun Premium membership, valued at $29.
Keywords: Autonomic nervous system, Heart rate variability, Heart failure.
With rising health awareness in India, customers across the country can now order Mio's heart rate monitors and watches exclusively on Amazon.
This is used to calculate Heart Rate Variability, a new biometric that wearable devices are now providing their users to help determine overall wellness and stress level.
Your resting heart rate might typically measure between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm).
Superfans" watching the same game were hooked up to heart rate monitors inside the Anfield stadium in Merseyside and in local bars.
Long Slow Distance (LSD): LSD is a versatile style of workout where one holds their pace and their heart rate constant over a "long" distance.
One medical study that used the 5 minute approach for HRV found a moderate strength, statistically significant inverse correlation between SDNN and heart rate that was derived from a 10 second electrocardiogram (ECG) recording.
But the apparent link between resting heart rate and a boosted incidence of heart failure during follow-up occurred only in men.
ROME--Otherwise healthy, older men with a heart rate of 79 beats per minute or higher had a roughly 50% increased risk of developing heart failure, compared with men with slower heart rates, in a population-based cohort of more than 1,800 Dutch men.
Geonaute Cardio On Rhythm 100 Easy to use at a bargain price, the Geonaute is ideal for occasional athletes who want to monitor their heart rate and manage their efforts.
Heart rate variability (HRV) signal analysis; clinical applications.