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The elasticity of the heart tissue plays a key role for the proper function of heart muscles such as contractile activity during beating.
Kuhn points out that research in the 1930s and 1940s suggested that cardiomyocyte division may continue after birth, and recent reports about myocardial regeneration in zebrafish and neonatal mice suggest that some young animals regenerate heart muscle by using mechanisms of muscle cell division.
The GMT genes alone reduced the amount of scar tissue by half, and there were more heart muscle cells in the animals that were treated with GMT.
In DCM, the heart muscle wall becomes thin and floppy, and is described as being dilated or 'baggy'.
Mice treated with thymosin beta-4 for a week before a heart attack produced a small number of new heart muscle cells, but mice given the drug only after a heart attack didn't.
The authors estimated that a 20-year-old renews about 1 percent of heart muscle cells in a year.
Another challenge is to come out with techniques to grow human heart muscle cells fast.
Dilated cardiomyopathy, were the heart muscle becomes thinner leading to the heart getting enlarged.
These signals are thought to set the heart muscle fibrillating.
During vigorous exercise, heart muscle cells take a beating.
Stem cells have been discovered in human heart tissue and separated off, a finding which may pave the way for treating patients whose heart muscle has been damaged due to heart ailment, a Kyoto University research team said Friday.
Bioheart is focused on repairing damaged heart muscle with its MyoCell product, a myogenic cell composition made up of adult muscle stem cells called myoblasts.
Stimulated by the right chemicals, they could be turned into brain neurons, heart muscle, bone, or insulin-producing pancreatic cells.
In the past it was thought that a weak heart muscle--one unable to pump blood effectively--was necessary for a diagnosis; we now know that up to one-half of patients with heart failure instead have a stiff heart muscle, which impedes proper filling of the heart's chamber.
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