heart murmur

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an abnormal sound of the heart

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He informed that the Cardiologist may hear a heart murmur during a routine check-up but an accurate diagnosis, the cardiologist may carry out a physical exam, listen child's heart and lungs with a stethoscope and request a number of tests, depending on child's age, general health and child personal preferences.
More recently a large study has been performed with dogs not showing any clinical signs of heart disease, but did have a grade three or above heart murmur.
Until recently, we would have noted the appearance of a symptomless heart murmur on the patient's clinical record, advised the owner of the possibility of illness developing and suggested more regular heart checks.
Two-year-old Sheldon was diagnosed with the grade five heart murmur but vets are unsure what is causing it.
A heart murmur is usually detected when the doctor listens to the heart with a stethoscope, Dr.
Eileen Jones, rescue co-ordinator at Friends of the Animals RCT, said: "She has a grade four heart murmur, a huge abdominal growth which may be a hernia and is very overweight.
Many heart murmurs in dogs are not clinically significant to them initially.
The other innovation is the heart murmur detection device.
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Zenga, who is blind and has a heart murmur, but has a sweet nature and would make a wonderful pet
About five to six years ago, I found out I had a congenital heart defect," said Claire "I started collapsing and went to my GP who found out I had a heart murmur.
A heart murmur occurs when blood flows through a valve that is narrow or leaking," Dr.
Early signs of the disease, such as a heart murmur and increased heart rate, are vague, as are later signs like reduced activity.
The 38-year-old singer said that the doctors have run a series of tests on her daughter, in order to give a diagnosis, but are suspecting a heart murmur or an infection.
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