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a piece of electronic equipment for continual observation of the function of the heart

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Should Apple really push through with its EKG heart monitor for the Apple Watch though, the new accessory would be deemed unnecessary.
has received clearance for its Pre-Marketing Notification (510(k)) from the US Food and Drug Administration for its Meridian M110 non-invasive fetal heart monitor, the company said.
He had to be put on a heart monitor and have his blood pressure monitored.
The FDA approved the AliveCor Heart Monitor in 2013, and patients have used it since March 2014, with the device sending the ECG reading to a cardiologist or cardiac technician who would send a reply within 24 hours.
based computer giant has been working on ways to incorporate heart monitors into the iPhone.
He'll be wearing his heart monitor, which he wears constantly anyway, and he will parade around the paddock with Denman.
The court held, inter alia, that because the plaintiff was at a significant disadvantage in proving his claim due to the absence of the fetal monitor strips, the plaintiff was entitled to an adverse inference charge at trial with respect to the fetal heart monitor strips.
GIFT: Angela Morris, left, presented Stockbridge Village health centre's Tina Shaw with a heart monitor in her son's memory Picture: JASON ROBERTS/jr120607heart
A breakdown of how money can be raised shows that a resold bag can buy a heart monitor or a training pack for schools while two could pay for an ultrasound scan to detect problems in an unborn baby.
And after organising dozens of fundraising cake sales, jumble sales and events, she has raised pounds 7,000 to buy a heart monitor for Llanrumney Health Centre to help detect heart conditions and save lives.
The record was only meant to be for fun but then I thought it would be a way of raising money for heart monitors.
Last night, 38-year-old Pauline said a foetal heart monitor at the hospital was not working properly and medics didn't know her baby was in distress.
But used with a heart monitor, Stan listens to the the ECG of the baby and interprets the information on to a computer screen, giving a much clearer indication of when doctors should step in and deliver the baby.
I don't feel the skipping, but it shows on my heart monitor and when I take my pulse.
It certainly terrified the Polar heart monitor I was hooked up to - it went haywire.