heart and soul

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Tricia McTeague, from Widnes, takes the lead role in Heart and Soul
GOLDEN GIRL Louise is a finalist at Miss Universe Ireland in Citywest, Dublin, on June 6; PINKY & PERKY Model shows off her sexy curves; HOT STUFF Leggy Louise hopes for career in fashion; PURPLE REIGNS Beauty is looking for an agent; YELLOW FEVER Louise is the Heart And Soul contender
Finally, groups of Europeans working together, heart and soul, will through creative action help generate a culture of peace that will 'crack the silence' of the peace-loving majority at the heart of Europe, bringing a movement that will work for restorative justice, sustainable peace and creative harmony.
While they were serious about the music and it meant all of their heart and soul, others didn't see it the same way.
Dana Johnson's first collection of short stories, Break Any Woman Down (Anchor Books, August 2003) poignantly investigates affairs of the heart and soul.
Camping is all these, but the heart and soul of camping -- the great purpose of camping -- is infinitely more than these.
Moreover, for the Shakers, who practice celibacy, dancing not only manifests joy, it is also effective in "shaking out" the evils of carnal desire or mind and helping a person live a "virgin" life, pure in heart and soul.
Time Stood Still" is another in a string of love songs by Madonna that proves that while the Material Girl might be physically planted in the material world, her heart and soul are seeking higher planes.