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a vehicle for carrying a coffin to a church or a cemetery

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Then the fox got up behind; and presently the wolf, the bear, the goat, and all the beasts of the wood, came and climbed upon the hearse.
Then a stone, who saw what had happened, came up and kindly offered to help poor Chanticleer by laying himself across the stream; and this time he got safely to the other side with the hearse, and managed to get Partlet out of it; but the fox and the other mourners, who were sitting behind, were too heavy, and fell back into the water and were all carried away by the stream and drowned.
It is enough that my cherished dreams of Venice have been blighted forever as to the romantic gondola and the gorgeous gondolier; this system of destruction shall go no farther; I will accept the hearse, under protest, and you may fly your flag of truce in peace, but here I register a dark and bloody oath that you shan't sing.
They had already got the length of opening the hearse to take the coffin out, when some brighter genius proposed instead, its being escorted to its destination amidst general rejoicing.
Philip flushed a little, but did not answer; and next day he and Upjohn followed the hearse in the one carriage which Philip had ordered.
The undertaker, instructed to spare no expense, provided long-tailed black horses, with black palls on their backs and black plumes upon their foreheads; coachmen decorated with scarves and jack-boots, black hammercloths, cloaks, and gloves, with many hired mourners, who, however, would have been instantly discharged had they presumed to betray emotion, or in any way overstep their function of walking beside the hearse with brass-tipped batons in their hands.
Commuters were in for a shock at a busy intersection in Central Auckland, New Zealand, on Wednesday afternoon when a gurney fell out of a hearse as it was making a turn, and which eyewitnesses said had a dead body in its bag.
One such project was gathering funds to buy a horse-drawn hearse for Ninebanks to bring dignity to funerals.
A NEW hearse painted in the colours of the rainbow is being unveiled at a leading Pride festival.
Willcox Border Patrol Agents, from the State Route (SR) 80 Immigration Checkpoint near Tombstone, stopped a vehicle attempting to avoid the immigration checkpoint and found more than 67 pounds of marijuana concealed within a coffin in the hearse.
As giant speakers blared songs performed for hundreds of people, a police patrol car, a hearse and an unmarked vehicle entered the back entrance of the Marcos ancestral house and museum in Barangay Lacub here.
Discovering that there is no procedure for the transfer of deceased persons from one side to the other, the man's son was able to arrange for a Strovolos municipality hearse to transport his father to a crossing point, where another hearse -- a 'Turkish Cypriot' one -- would pick him up and take him to Kyrenia.
That's because for the past couple of decades, it has been used as a Buddhist hearse.
His cherry-red coffin, draped in an Islamic tapestry, was loaded into a hearse as a group of pallbearers that included former boxers Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis and actor Will Smith left the funeral home in double file.
To mark its opening this week, members of the public will be able to see some of its more unusual hearses, including a motorbike hearse, horse and carriage, Buddhist hearse and Cadillac @lorna_hughes hearse.