hearsay rule

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a rule that declares not admissible as evidence any statement other than that by a witness

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WAMCO signaled a departure from the customary practice of requiring a records custodian from the prior company to satisfy the business records requirements of the hearsay rule.
55 AD3d 644 [2d Dept 2008]), wherein it held that the plaintiffs there "failed to establish their prima facie entitlement to judgment as a matter of law" because "the plaintiffs' medical service providers failed to demonstrate the admissibility of their billing records under the business records exception to the hearsay rule.
See Eleanor Swift, "The Hearsay Rule at Work: Has It Been Abolished De Facto by Judicial Decision?
The hearsay rule has a long history, possibly even dating back
25) The first axis, whether the statement was formally made, hinges largely on the reason the hearsay rule exists.
After early chapters on characteristics and limitations of the adversary system, coverage in this law casebook turns to areas such as allocating the case, burden of proof, presumptions, judicial notice, types of evidence, the hearsay rule, private privileges, and privileges designed to safeguard governmental operations.
3) The business records exception and the "residual" hearsay rule are generally applicable to digital data but adopt differing approaches to trustworthiness or reliability.
Doing this right makes the evidence 'in contemplation of death' which is an exception to the hearsay rule .
presents a treatise explaining the law and application of the hearsay rule in US courts, with a special emphasis on exclusions and exceptions, including those found outside the Rules of Evidence, such as those found in the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure.
14) Probably the best example is offered by the traditional hearsay rule with its many exceptions.
at all--and thus fall outside the ambit of the hearsay rule.
Other than Rule 803(8), the other hearsay exception that might permit admission of FDA warning letters is Rule 807, the so-called "residual exception" to the hearsay rule.
I]t is not entirely clear whether construction of a hearsay rule is a matter of discretion or a legal issue subject to de novo review.