hearsay evidence

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evidence based on what someone has told the witness and not of direct knowledge

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Hearsay Exceptions--One of the most common misunderstandings related to hearsay evidence is the belief that the public records exception set forth in F.
Accusing the Minister of "using the discredited Narey report and the hearsay evidence of prison officials who were not on duty", Mr Wright said: "I am no legal expert but I know that the contents of Adam Ingram's letter will not stand up to scrutiny.
In previous decisions, the Supreme Court has balanced the confrontation requirement against the need for hearsay evidence in cases in which the evidence would not otherwise be available, in order to further the truth-seeking purpose of our system.
DC Hopkins was so appalled by that decision he bought law books and studied the law on hearsay evidence in his own time to force reluctant prosecutors to act.
An application by the Crown to admit hearsay evidence involving two witness statements and accounts from Howell's dental practice will be heard on October 1.
He appeared at Solihull Magistrates' Court on July 27 after an investigator gave hearsay evidence.
New legal safeguards would be introduced to the system, including a ban on hearsay evidence and evidence obtained by using torture practices, such as waterboarding, the officials said.
Under the law, hearsay evidence - especially from an anonymous witness - is simply not acceptable.
At the core of Ahmed's appeal is the weight that can be given to hearsay evidence, which is sometimes permitted during sex assault trials.
The presiding judge may also allow hearsay evidence -- something forbidden in the traditional justice system.
He added police would be relying on hearsay evidence from residents.
There are no strict standards for admissible evidence, and hearsay evidence and statements obtained under coercion are acceptable.
I must stress that the diaries are completely anonymous and are presented by ourselves in court as hearsay evidence.
4) The Court erased a body of precedent that was, if not completely favorable to the prosecution, well understood and generally accommodating to the use of hearsay evidence without the necessity of calling the declarant as a witness.