hearsay evidence

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evidence based on what someone has told the witness and not of direct knowledge

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Tip: The value of the hearsay evidence depends on the credibility of the declarant.
21) Given this inferiority, Bentham advises a basic rule of not admitting hearsay evidence.
I have determined that these would not be admissible as hearsay evidence and there is no other evidence to support the allegations.
Consider the standard of "threshold reliability" that must be met before hearsay evidence can be admitted under the principled approach.
The commissions are also tolerant of hearsay evidence that civilian courts would not allow.
He used a combination of intimidation and hearsay evidence to browbeat the accused.
In spite of the fact that courts using this standard emphasize the "fact- and case-specific" determinations, a few of the appellate courts ordinarily reviewing admission of hearsay evidence for abuse of discretion find that there may be some questions of law within the hearsay rule, which permits the court to review those questions de novo.
My position is that Canadian courts need to invoke the principled approach to hearsay evidence in order to exclude Mr.
of Washington School of Law) presents a new edition of his law school text on rules of evidence in the United States, having updated the material in order to take account of the restyled Federal Rules of Evidence that went into effect in 2011, recent Supreme Court decisions clarifying the relationship between the Confrontation Clause and the admission of hearsay evidence against criminal defendants, and other developments.
Lord Justice Hughes continued: "The hearsay evidence of the complainant was strongly supported and did not stand as a bare, untestable allegation.
given that this was a nonjury trial at which [the trial court] is "presumed to be able to distinguish between admissible evidence and inadmissible evidence and to abide by the limited purpose of hearsay evidence when admitted and to render a determination based on the former," any error in the evidentiary admissions was harmless.
DC Hopkins was so appalled by this that he bought law books and studied the law on hearsay evidence in his own time to force reluctant prosecutors to act.
Thomson wrote that his reasons for appealing the committee's decision had to do with hearsay evidence regarding a libelous letter that was purportedly written about Wheat and distributed before the election; the committee denying him the opportunity to respond to Wheat's supporters and lawyer; and the committee overstepping the boundaries of its decision-making when it considered the results of an audit for Wheat.
In this appeal, one of D's claims of error was that the Judge had erred by admitting hearsay evidence.
Then a legal determination as to the admission of this hearsay evidence will be made by the court after the lawyers have presented their legal arguments about its admissibility