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Synonyms for hearsay

Synonyms for hearsay

idle, often sensational and groundless talk about others

Synonyms for hearsay

gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth

heard through another rather than directly

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147) Adopting what appears to be the blending of the business records hearsay exception under Rule 803(6) with the "accurate result" standard provided by Rules 901(b)(1) and (9), and the "equivalent circumstantial guarantees of trustworthiness" set forth in Rule 807, the court affirmed the lower court's finding that "the electronic nature of the records necessitated, in addition to the basic foundation for a business record, an additional authentication foundation regarding the computer and software utilized in order to assure the continuing accuracy of the records.
Lady Justice Asenath Ongeri held that the petition by former governor Hussein Dado was based on hearsays hence lacked merit.
With the purchase, Hearsay will apply Mast's technology to advance its Hearsay Messages text-based client outreach solution for financial advisors and insurance agents.
Hearsay said the acquisition will accelerate the company's investments in deeper CRM integration and advanced voice capabilities for Hearsay Messages, enabling advisors to unlock new levels of productivity and opportunities to engage with clients.
Mast co-founder and CEO David Messenger will work with Hearsay in an advisory capacity.
Prior to Crawford, a prosecutor could admit hearsay evidence against a defendant, without ever putting the declarant on the stand, so long as that evidence either fell "within a firmly rooted hearsay exception or [bore] particularized guarantees of trustworthiness.
We describe the concept of diabetes related electronic hearsay or digital hearsay (de-hearsay or dd-hearsay), and suggest pragmatic means of countering negative de-hearsay, so as to benefit diabetes care.
The topics include relevance: general principles and special applications, hearsay exemptions, hearsay and the confrontation clause, expert testimony and scientific evidence, and the best evidence rule.
com's opposition was because much of the company's evidence, though admissible, was not probative because the board held it was hearsay.
appeals court has ruled that machine-generated evidence is not hearsay in a ruling that allowed Google's satellite images to be used as evidence in a criminal case.
Authentication involves whether the proffered evidence is what its proponent says it is, while hearsay involves statements that cannot be cross-examined and are offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted.
Efforts to help advisors beat back potential competition from robo-advisors continues this year with two recent offerings--one born of a collaboration between Vanare and NestEgg Wealth, and another from social media company Hearsay Social.
Bentham's claim that all relevant evidence should be considered with appropriate instructions to fact finders has been particularly influential among judges, culminating in the "principled approach" to hearsay in Canada articulated in R.