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Synonyms for hearken

to make an effort to hear something

to perceive by ear, usually attentively

Synonyms for hearken



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But hearken, O my most gracious Sovereign," said the Sheriff.
Now hearken, my merry men all, to the news that I have brought from Lincoln Town today.
However, it all came to this, that I was to come to church as oft as ever I could, and bring my prayer-book with me, an' read up all the sponsers after the clerk, an' stand, an' kneel, an' sit, an' do all as I should, and take the Lord's Supper at every opportunity, an' hearken his sermons, and Maister Bligh's, an' it 'ud be all right: if I went on doing my duty, I should get a blessing at last.
Therefore hearken they to the preachers of death, and themselves preach backworlds.
But hearken, missus, hearken,' said Stephen, astonished.
The air is cool and it darkens, And calmly flows the Rhine; The summit of the mountain hearkens In evening sunshine line.
Sweet the song, the story sweet, There is no man hearkens it, No man living 'neath the sun, So outwearied, so foredone, Sick and woful, worn and sad, But is healed, but is glad
The general that hearkens to my counsel and acts upon it, will conquer: let such a one be retained in command
Nor do I suggest that Christians should hearken back to some golden age of faith when it was easier to be a Christian.
NASA plans to get there with a series of rockets, the Ares I for crew and the Ares V for materials, that hearken back to the tall, powerful Saturn V rockets that launched the Apollo astronauts on their missions during the 1960s.
Major and character Ellis both hearken back to an earlier expatriate:
They hearken back to the yard's rich history as an important center of shipbuilding, where boats were built in an assembly line fashion and would be escorted via the track system to various buildings that housed different stages of the construction process.
So, not a good press day for the PM but a timely one for the public and for the Tories who might now hearken our call for Mr Clarke to be given the reins of their party.
When the connection to the earth is achieved, the characters discussed here hearken back to the religion and culture which was denied them for centuries.
The sight of so many of our nation's heroes back in San Francisco will hearken back to the days when the city was known for Navy pride - in fact a key hub of the Pacific Fleet during World War II and in the decades that followed.