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an official appointed by a government agency to conduct an investigation or administrative hearing so that the agency can exercise its statutory powers

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For this limited sample of cases, he found that the ratio of district to parent wins was 55% to 45% at the hearing officer level and 71% to 29% at the review officer level.
State two-year college Chancellor Bradley Byrne, who ordered Thomas fired, said he was pleased with the court's ruling, which he said gave the hearing officer "a very narrow window" to make his decision.
An informal survey found that the majority of jurisdictions participating in the Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer Program are currently setting their noncriminal boating violations before hearing officers.
45) Similarly, the circuit judge "carefully considers" the hearing officer's recommended order for whether the evidence and findings "as fully set forth" in the recommended order support the recommendations, and the circuit judge enters the order "promptly" unless there appears reason to amend the order, conduct hearings, or re-refer the order to the hearing officer for further hearing.
One was that the hearing officer had failed to recommend a sanction.
Through dramatic reconstructions and advice drawn from Trade Mark professionals, and Registrar's hearing officers, it illustrates how a hearing is conducted and how the role of the various parties should be played.
Because of scheduling conflicts, the Intel case was then moved back until early 1994 when it was heard before the Department's internal hearing officer.
Although most of the regulations to implement the law are still in the process of being developed, rehabilitation professionals should begin now to plan for such innovations as presumed eligibility for vocational rehabilitation services, national evaluation standards and performance indicators, independent hearing officers to decide appeals, and client choice of goals and services.
The Human Resources Director of the Town of Gilbert is requesting detailed information regarding the qualifications of individuals to provide civil service and related hearing officer services to the Town of Gilbert.
O'Day had been the hearing officer for many student discipline cases (except those involving assault of a school employee or bringing a weapon or drugs to school).
The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals reversed a decision by Ed Bankston, a hearing officer who had overturned Michael Williams' firing from Bishop State Community College.
If approved, the city manager will appoint a hearing officer or officers to hear the contested citations and issue a decision.
Hearing Officer Hamermesh presided over the public hearing held on January 19, 2007.
630 (Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer Program; Traffic Hearing Officers).