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someone who listens attentively

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Thus speech is a means of producing in our hearers the images which are in us.
After simpering in a small way, like one whose modesty prohibited a more open expression of his admiration of a witticism that was perfectly unintelligible to his hearers, he continued, "It is not prudent for any one of my profession to be too familiar with those he has to instruct; for which reason I follow not the line of the army; besides which, I conclude that a gentleman of your character has the best judgment in matters of wayfaring; I have, therefore, decided to join company, in order that the ride may be made agreeable, and partake of social communion.
The song "911" is a soulful, passionate, and soul-stirring plea that every hearer will be able to relate to.
Much of the communicative acts produced and comprehended in interactional exchanges such as requesting, apologizing, warning, thanking, greeting, advising and criticizing are a product of negotiation between speaker and hearer based entirely on both the linguistic code and the socio-cultural practice that produced it (Fairclough 1992).
An emphasis on equipping the voice-hearer with responses, challenges, and answers of their own implies that the voice hearer is changing, but their voices might not be.
In order to interpret utterances in accordance with the way in which they were intended, a hearer must know what activity he is engaged in, what frame he is operating in.
By the same token, non-conventional second person pronouns may explicitly code the hearer, but implicitly refer to people in general, including the actual person who uttered the sentence.
They also point out that the determinants of the kinds of politeness strategies used are the following three sociological factors: the relative power of the hearer over the speaker, the social distance between the speaker and the hearer, and the ranking of the imposition in doing the face-threatening act (Brown and Levinson, 1987: 15-16).
Lord, let me be not a mere hearer but a doer of your word.
The purpose of preaching is broadened beyond "doing God to the hearer.
10-year-old joined Shearer Sara's The inspirational 10-year-old joined Alan hearer as the stars of the ara's Hope FoundationCharity Golf Day, at Mercur e hearer as the stars of the ara's Hope FoundationCharity Golf Day, at Mercur e George Washington.
65), which constitutes a threat to the negative face of the hearer.
Tellingly, Merriam-Webster's secondary definition of neologism is a "compound word coined by a psychotic and meaningless to the hearer.
In the example (1) above, the speaker Arragon makes a promise to the hearer Portia, which sounds polite to her.
In fact, research shows that even stories people know to be fictional can be very persuasive if the hearer thinks the story could have actually happened.