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improved in health or physical condition


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Only a few American cities appear in these tables, but they are scattered so widely over the country that they furnish a good general average of CITY health in the United States; and I think it will be granted that our towns and villages are healthier than our cities.
Edinburgh is as healthy as New York--23; but there is no CITY in the entire list which is healthier, except Frankfort-on-the-Main--20.
She wore them in a crop, for in those days, when society was in a healthier state, young ladies wore crops long after they were twenty, and Penelope was not yet nineteen.
Her child would be healthier and she able to bring it into the world with less discomfort to herself if she went about her ordinary duties in her usual way.
Yes, indeed, we find it very healthy," she said, and she went on, as people who live in the suburbs so often do, to prove that it was healthier, more convenient, and less spoilt than any suburb round London.
Is there a healthier and higher tone in those public amusements which faithfully reflect in all countries the public taste?
I have been long enough away from my journal to come back to it with a healthier and better mind, I hope, so far as Sir Percival is concerned.
When he can do so without exercising restraint on others, or suffering it ever, and his activities are all pleasurable to him, he will be saner, healthier, more civilised, more himself.
Public Health England (PHE) is helping parents take control of their childrens snacking by launching the first Change4Life campaign promoting healthier snacks.
More children in Qatar are being offered one free fruit or vegetable when they visit select LuLu Hypermarket outlets on select weekends between November 25 and December 16 through the 'Adopt a Fruit, Adopt a Vegetable' initiative, launched earlier this year by the United for Healthier Kids initiative, LuLu Group has said.
This is through the "Adopt a Fruit, Adopt a Vegetable" initiative, launched earlier this year by United for Healthier Kids - a program developed by Nestl to create partnerships that help nurture healthier generations.
Judges for the Making Birmingham Greener and Healthier Awards 2017 were left impressed with the number of initiatives Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust had implemented for its employees across its sites.
The Community Preventive Services Task Force recently posted new information about four findings on its website: 1) Obesity: Meal and Fruit and Vegetable Snack Interventions to Increase Healthier Foods and Beverages Provided by Schools *; 2) Obesity: Supporting Healthier Snack Foods and Beverages Sold or Offered as Rewards in Schools ([dagger]); 3) Obesity: Multicomponent Interventions to Increase Availability of Healthier Foods and Beverages in Schools ([section]); and 4) Obesity: Increasing Water Access in Schools.
CVS Pharmacy this summer announced the rollout of its mix of healthier food and beverages to more than 2,900 stores nationwide.
Islamabad -- The United for Healthier Kids movement, which aims to instill healthier habits in children, was launched in Pakistan at an event organized by Nestl Pakistan where various partners came together to pledge "behtar kal, aaj se" - a better future for Pakistan's children.