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the quality of promoting good health

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One of the main pieces of evidence why Islam is the right religion is that it ensures the mental and physical healthfulness of its followers.
Consumers also have a keen interest in the healthfulness of fats and oils.
The new study looked at what factors of behavior, background, and personality impact the healthfulness of men over 70.
8221; The blog is designed to answer real questions in a fun and free space that celebrates the healthfulness of women.
Professor Scrinis offers an alternative paradigm for assessing the healthfulness of foods that privileges food production and processing quality, cultural-traditional knowledge, and sensual-practical experience, and promotes less reductive forms of nutrition research and dietary advice.
Overall, the American Heart Association's standard (a ratio of total carbohydrate to fibre) proved to be the best indicator of overall healthfulness.
According to a recent study conducted by Mintel International, consumers are increasingly purchasing kosher-certified products based on food quality, general healthfulness and food safety.
IDPH's Iowans Fit for Life State Plan includes suggestions to make communities more "walkable;" tools to improve the healthfulness of restaurant menus, grocery store offerings, and vending machine options; a worksite wellness resource designed for small employers; and a school and community nutrition and physical activity intervention.
Surveys show that product healthfulness is a major consideration for consumers in making food purchases.
Similarly, while some studies have examined factors such as the perceived healthiness of a restaurant that may have a "halo" effect on calorie estimates (Chandon and Wansink 2007b), there has not been research, to our knowledge, that addresses how factors such as perceptions of the healthfulness of the restaurant, meal type category (salads vs.
Stir-fries have an aura of healthfulness and a wonderful reputation
Participants rated the whole-soy and real fruit bar at managing hunger and cravings, taste, and perceptions of healthfulness.
Pizza Fusion combines a cutting edge concept, which we feel is the future of the restaurant industry, with an outstanding product offering that's superior in taste and healthfulness to its competitors,"added Georges Chaoul, business development manager at Samir Food Company.
And, they said that enhancing the nutritional quality and healthfulness of foods for children in schools, child care and similar settings "is a vital component of reforming the nation's health system, which is expected to be a priority for Congress and the new administration in the coming year.