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Synonyms for healthful

Synonyms for healthful

Synonyms for healthful

conducive to good health of body or mind

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free from filth and pathogens


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Abby and Healthful Life MD, clients are encouraged, can achieve personal transformation, and will be supported to ensure lasting results.
Baby boomers and Generation X, in particular, are interested in healthful dessert options, notes Michel Saillant, president of Boulart Inc.
Retail dietitians like D'Alto actively promote healthful deli options and encourage product trial during supermarket tours, nutrition classes and hands-on demos.
In convenience stores, more healthful items were not available as often as corresponding less healthful items (e.
According to the study, participants who were highly health-conscious were more likely than low health-conscious people to think that the restaurant was socially responsible when it provided healthful food options.
conversations about the importance of healthful eating versus conversations that primarily focus on the child's weight or size) have the same negative effects on youth disordered eating behaviors as weight teasing.
The report's authors say the main strategy shoppers use when trying to purchase healthful food is to avoid buying food viewed as unhealthful, rather than actively seeking out healthful food items.
To examine this perception, researchers conducted a study to determine if heart-healthy diets did indeed cost more than less healthful diets.
The blog responses indicated that respondents were particularly surprised by the calorie content of menu items such as some salads and chicken sandwiches, which at times are much less healthful than consumers expect.
Author Helene Elaine Vander Werff RN, Faith Community Nurse in Wentworth, SD, has provided scores of current healthful hints valuable for all ages.
net) announced in January that its new health-care application, Healthful Apps, is now available in Apple's App Store.
This healthful snack is exceptionally sweet and provides important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and potassium.
Organic items and healthful snacks are now on prominent display.
HEALTHFUL FOODS FROM BACK TO EDEN presents the text from his original book in an illustrated form more accessible to modern readers, offering tips on good nutrition, healthful foods to eat, and the effects of enrichment on food quality.
Flaxseed is a rich source of healthful components, such as omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and lignans.