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The idea that low-wage workers who can't afford health insurance coverage will be drawn into the market by tax incentives is fundamentally flawed.
It was health care for those left behind in the tremendous expansion of private health insurance in the postwar era.
In a nutshell, the new law requires most employers to provide health insurance or pay a fine.
Description: This designation indicates expertise in the fundamentals of the health insurance industry, the role of disability insurance and recent disability trends.
Safeguard your access to future health insurance if you have a health problem (or someone in your family does) and you leave your job.
The tax code has favored employer-provided health insurance for the last 60 years, and in that time, this important benefit has enabled most Americans to get health insurance from their employers.
In 1999 The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that found it cost $300 billion annually to administer various health insurance plans.
The reasons are manifold, experts say: Despite the rise in domestic-partner benefits, gays and lesbians in relationships are often locked out of health care benefits that are usually afforded spouses in married couples--the primary route to health insurance in the United States.
Turpin explains, "By managing their funds in their individual HRA accounts, employees may become more informed consumers of healthcare, which could ultimately translate into lower health insurance costs for their employers.
Essentially, the parent's health insurance pays the expenses first, until their benefits are exhausted.
People think that health insurance equals health access," says Dennis Johnson, executive director of the Children's Health Fund.
The employer applies the salary reduction amounts to the payment of the group health insurance policy during the year.
The Health Insurance Resource Manual, developed by Stephen Cooper, coordinator of Consumer Health Insurance Information, and Dorothy Northrop, director of Clinical Programs at the Society, is now available as a resource for Society staff in every chapter office.
Provides: health insurance (50%), dental/vision (100%).
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