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Key trends and drivers for the personal accident and health insurance segment
Mandatory health insurance would be not unlike the laws that require drivers to purchase auto insurance or pay into state-run risk pools.
When Congress passed a law that included major new changes to Medicare last November, headlines proclaimed that the federal health insurance program for people over 65 would provide prescription drug coverage for the first time.
How can a strategy with two such laudable stated goals--reduction of health care costs and expansion of health insurance coverage--be so self-defeating?
To be sure, Derickson puts new twists on old stories, such as the animosity between the American Medical Association and the cause of national health insurance.
Since there are laws requiring automobile liability insurance in many states, proponents of mandatory health insurance built on that idea.
The lack of hospitals is not due to a sluggish competitive market, but rather government legislation that resulted in an underdeveloped health insurance market.
But as the cost of health insurance increases, many employers are dropping coverage, leaving millions of Americans to buy their own coverage.
In addition, there is a crisis in health insurance.
The employer applies the salary reduction amounts to the payment of the group health insurance policy during the year.
The Health Insurance Resource Manual, developed by Stephen Cooper, coordinator of Consumer Health Insurance Information, and Dorothy Northrop, director of Clinical Programs at the Society, is now available as a resource for Society staff in every chapter office.
With health insurance premiums and other costs rising, many small businesses are forced to be creative or eliminate some benefits entirely.
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