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Synonyms for health

Synonyms for health

the condition of being physically and mentally sound

Synonyms for health

a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease

the general condition of body and mind

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The literature on online health information seekers shows a disconnect between how users report evaluating health information and their actual behaviors.
A more appropriate solution would be federal legislation that applies equally to all entities that store or transmit health information, not just covered entities.
The CACHE high performance object database, Ensemble rapid integration software and HealthShare health information exchange platform enable developers to quickly create, deploy and integrate high-performance systems.
Significantly, 80 percent of library systems in the United States are located in rural areas, where access to quality health information might be limited without online systems.
NTSP's implementation of this complete, electronic health information exchange solution will bring many benefits to the physicians, other care providers, and patients within the North Texas region.
The National Library of Medicine (NLM), the world's largest medical library, is one of the many government agencies providing high-quality, user-friendly health information on the Web for the public.
As another research team found, significant percentages of the public are already using the Internet to get health information, and surveys show that the Internet is already a useful vehicle for reaching large numbers of lower-income, less-educated, and minority Americans (Brodie, Flournoy, Altman, Blendon, Benson, & Rosenbaum, 2000; Rainie & Packel, 2001).
The health information exchange market is off to a moderate growth trajectory and may witness accelerated adoption if compounding tailwinds continue to develop.
Finally, in 2003 the Medical Library Association (MLA) formed a Health Information Literacy Task Force to formulate an organizational response to health literacy (MLA Net, 2003a).
As president of the Utah Health Care Association (UHCA) and a member of the Health Information Technology Committee (HIT) for the American Health Care Association (AHCA), Kelso has naturally become involved in working with other long-term care executives, as well as executives from all sectors of healthcare, to bring his own organization and his state and national associations into collaborative initiatives.
In part 2 of the series "Consumer Health Issues, Trends and Research," contributors address the many facets that comprise consumer health information services.
Healthy People 2010 defines "health literacy" as the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.
In August 2002, a new federal rule took effect that protects the privacy of individuals' health information and medical records.
Even if treatment is paid for out-of-pocket or an individual never has another contact with the health care system, his or her personal health information may now be accessed for purposes of "health care operations.
3M Health Information Systems has acknowledged that the U.
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