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wind blowing opposite to the path of a ship or aircraft

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But if there's a 20-knot headwind, 65 knots in the air means 45 knots over the ground, so you only go about 5500 feet horizontally for each 1000 feet down.
The fourth headwind reflects CBO projections that the federal debt-GDP ratio will rise steadily after 2020 as a result of growth in entidements, mainly Social Security and Medicare.
Besides these two headwinds, an additional factor that may constrain the current recovery is ongoing financial imbalances.
There could be a gentle breeze there, if not a headwind.
3 metre-per-second headwind, the Olympic champion had a bad start and immediately saw Powell shoot ahead of him.
26sec into a headwind, with Lewis-Francis second and Welshman Christian Malcolm third.
We encountered a 35-knot headwind that, combined with Comfort heading away from us at 20 knots, left us out of gas halfway from nowhere.
9 seconds, into a headwind of three metres per second, before taking the final in 12.
headwind will cause a 10:00 miler to lose 60 to 90 seconds per mile, and an 8:00 miler to lose 45 to 60 seconds per mile.
Bright sun, with a cool, light breeze on Saturday, and a hot headwind for much of Sunday--with a brief sprinkle or a cooling gully washer depending on where one was on the route Saturday afternoon.
Sunoco (SUN) downgraded to Sell from Neutral at Goldman Sachs with analyst Jerren Holder saying he sees downside risk to consensus estimates serving as a headwind for the shares.
For nonalcoholic beverages, declining consumption, in particular for carbonated soft drinks, represents a key headwind.
But if there's a headwind turning your 120 knot airspeed into a 110 knot groundspeed you'd be descending at (636 feet per minute divided by (110 over 60) miles per minute) 347 feet per mile.
I was hoping for a PB but there was a headwind and these guys are so fast, but I just came here for the experience.