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wind blowing opposite to the path of a ship or aircraft

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We expect profit before non-recurring costs, finance costs and tax again to be ahead in spite of the continuing headwinds of weak consumer demand in the home move and improvements markets which left cooker revenues slightly lower.
Haajes lands the finale under Tom Queally Eureka and Richard Hughes win the 6f conditions contest after battling through the strong headwind
Two headwinds on the current recovery were identified by the president of the Cleveland Fed, Sandra Pianalto, in a recent speech.
Headwind recordIt was the fastest run ever into a headwind, and matched the sixth-fastest time in history despite the chilly temperature.
Our flight manual also dictates flying no faster than 70 knots, which due to our fuel state and strong headwinds would have had us ditching in the water 100 miles from the ship.
The first headwind is the state of the economy and the second headwind is what's happening with public expenditure.
1 seconds was also quicker than the junior best set by Middlesbrough's three-time Olympic medallist Chris Newton on the same course 20 years ago, despite being into a late headwind.
These IPOs are smaller than many of the FTSE jumbos and against this turbulent headwind are more likely to be buffeted around.
91 seconds into a strong headwind, seemingly unaffected by the news of his five compatriots' positive drugs tests.
25 in the semi-final, again into a strong headwind.
Ian McCafferty, of the CBI, said: "It's a much more prolonged headwind we will be driving into, a headwind rather than a short, sharp shock.
Running into a headwind and in 90-plus degree temperatures, Glass won with a mediocre time of 10.
Probably the most important headwind is lingering uncertainty about the future, whether from geopolitical developments, market volatility, or just the trauma that companies have been through, he said.
7 per cent) and headwind from amortization schedule from existing Tier-2 bonds (3.
And the 2007 world champion went even quicker in the final with a fractionally stronger headwind, overhauling Powell's early lead to snatch victory on the line in 9.