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the stationary support in a machine or power tool that supports and drives a revolving part (as a chuck or the spindle on a lathe)

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Clapton used to hang a lit cigarette off the end of his guitar's headstock.
Commemorating Hendrix's legacy, the large 1970s-style headstock bears the guitarist's signature on the back.
For analysis only full solid body models of machine bed, headstock and tailstock are used.
21 -- TRAUB TNL18-7B Sliding/Fixed Headstock Lathe can machine highly complex parts and complicated contour elements that also require additional operations such as milling or drilling, at any angular position.
9 in and has a load capacity of 5,500 lb), it is important that the structure is sufficiently robust, which is why this machine was designed using finite element analysis, and features box ways that are also Turcite-B coated and hand scraped, as well as having a headstock design that is built to perform (the VMC has a heavy-duty, two-speed gear-type headstock).
Keith Bradshaw is also a limited partner in Alchemy, with a portfolio of more than 25 varied venture capital investments, and also Laney Headstock, which produces a range of musical instruments and sound reinforcement products, and has recently taken virtually all production offshore to China.
The three-turret machine has a small floor footprint, and is targeted to handle fixed headstock work often run on Swiss-type machines.
Taken was a Fender Jazz Bass Special bass guitar, described as a silver and green body with black headstock, worth pounds 420, an SGC Nanyo Bass Collection guitar in red worth pounds 140, a Behringer mixer in silver worth pounds 150, a Numark Dimension 4 amplifier worth pounds 200, a Peavey Feedback Eliminator worth pounds 100, a Marshall Bass DBS 7400 amplifier worth pounds 350, a Celestion QX-153 speaker worth pounds 50, plus two metal cases (one black and one silver) and a blue plastic box of cables, guitar leads, tuner, tools and four-way blocks worth pounds 150.
Tornos was established in 1914 and its main products are automatic, single-spindle sliding headstock lathes and automatic multispindle lathes.
The headstock can be rotated 360[degrees] and positioned anywhere along the bed.
A belt-driven cartridge-style gearless headstock features a high-torque 50 hp AC GE Fanuc "P"-style spindle motor with variable speed drive.
Piaggio was the first to brace the frame between the headstock and engine and shun the traditional "step thru" style and this new model has a variation on the same theme.
The brochure details the company's welding automation components and systems, including welding equipment, robots, fixed table systems, turntable systems, dual headstock systems, H frame/Ferris wheel systems and custom systems.