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the stationary support in a machine or power tool that supports and drives a revolving part (as a chuck or the spindle on a lathe)

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Tenders are invited for End Pillar Of Icf Headstock To Drg.
Heat transfer devices also control heat from the headstock and servomotors.
The PTC150 and PTC250 models are also offered with a sub-spindle in place of the tailstock to permit complete machining of workpieces, including the area covered by the headstock chuck.
Three headstock choices all include a live spindle for manufacturing versatility.
The machine is equipped with a servo motor drive system for the headstock with settable speeds from 0 - 180 rpm.
The part is centered between a fixed-quill headstock, which provides servo-driven part rotation, and a pneumatically-operated tailstock.
These include CNC single- and multi-spindle turning machines, near net shape vertical CNC chuckers, Swiss Type CNC sliding headstock machining/turning centers, fixed headstock, twin turret machining centers, CNC lathes, and heavy-duty CNC turning/milling centers.
Designed and built in Germany, FMB barfeeders have the capacity to feed round, hex, or square stock from 2mm to 100mm in diameter and in length up to 3,200mm or 4,200mm for single-spindle or Swiss and fixed headstock lathes as well as multi-spindles.
Tenders are invited for Floor Stiffener For Headstock To Drg.
The sliding headstock and axes move on preloaded automatically lubricated linear roller ways to minimize stick slip and improve response.
Also being offered is another new transceiver for the infrared touch probes, the SE 540, which is designed for installation in the headstock, providing the advantage of moving along with the touch probes.
Tenders are invited for Headstock Complete For Bogie Frame To Drg.
The table moves only in the Y-axis, which minimizes the floor space required for this machine, and the headstock construction allows for a wide spacing of the X-axis guide ways to increase the overall rigidity.
The Traub TNL26 offers both fixed and sliding headstock processes in the same machine, saving the user setup time, material cost, and capital cost.