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Changes in the headship rate enable us to determine how a broader delineation of the demand for housing has fallen among both the immigrant and native populations.
2) A number of studies have also investigated the relationship between female headship and educational outcomes of the children.
The chapter titles provide a good indication of the breadth of the work: 'Introduction'; 'Constitutional Conventions and Responsible Government'; 'The Crown and Australia (1987)'; 'The Early Governors-General and the Consultation of High Court Judges'; 'Three Governors-General: Hasluck, Kerr, Cowen'; 'The 1975 Constitutional Crisis and the Conventions of Responsible Government'; 'Debating the Headship of State--Monarchy to Republic?
Declines in headship and ownership among young adults is partly attributable to declining labor-force participation, as the data shows a sharp decrease in the share of young adults in the labor force.
To understand the implications of changes in household formation, the age-, sex- and race/ethnicity-specific headship rates are adjusted to account for long-term trends as well as the impacts of economic conditions, especially the Great Recession.
Occupied MF units = Population x Headship x MFshare,
Mrs Bowser said: "Alderman's Green was my rst headship and I will be very sad to leave.
In 2009/10, just 11 per cent of local authorities had no headship post to be re-advertised.
The family moved to Calderstones in 1968 and Barbara took up her first headship, at Toxteth Park Infants, followed by the headship of Kingsthorne (now Hunts Cross) Infants.
The issue of male headship can spark incendiary reactions in many quarters of the Evangelical world.
The 39 aspiring heads who gained the National Professional Qualification for Headship now have what they need to take on their first headship role.
ALMOST a 100 of the region's teachers are to embrace headship.
During his headship he helped set up the charity's telephone and online support and ensured the network has become the largest provider of support services to school teachers.
But the survey added: "With women accounting for a greater percentage of the teaching force in primary schools, this suggests that they are still under-represented in appointments to headship.